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Very good, cheap french Vodka. It has a definite sweet kick to it, which makes me think that maybe it's distilled from grapes (the bottle doesn't say). It's very smooth - on par with Absolut and Stoli, but only costs around $14 a bottle. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be widely available.
Reviewer: Jason

An excellent vodka, especially for the money. Very smooth. Finishes nicely. I switched from Skyy as my regular vodka (vodka tonic drinker) to Pinnacle. It was described to me by the liquor store guy as "the cheap grey goose." I don't know if i'd go that far but it is definately a great inexpensive alternative.
Reviewer: Keefer Milton

Picked up Pinnacle recently and found it to be decent. Very cheap about $13-14 I am a college student so I cannot afford buying top-dollar at the moment. Goes down very smooth. Good feeling the next morning. Not on par with Finlandia, Level, or Belvedear but compeats nicely with Skyy.
Reviewer: Chris Michael

My local supermarket recently stopped stocking my preferred Wyborowa. Looking for a good quality replacement in the same price range, I picked up a bottle of Pinnacle. It cost me $12.80 for a liter bottle! Taste is very clean and astringent, and the mouth feel is excellent. Finish is very palatable. This is good neat or mixed (it goes very well with energy drinks). Recommended.
Reviewer: David Gillies

This vodka is unbelievable! I hear it is made in the same distillery as Grey Goose and it is half the price...Tastes even better. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Kelly

Pinnacle is the best middle shelf vodka available. The first sip is as smooth as brands that cost twice as much. There is no burn, and very little aftertaste. Any mixers will eliminate the taste of the vodka, making it a little too easy to drink.
Reviewer: $18 handle as good as Grey Goose

Smooth as can be. Best vodka especially for the price. I have heard it is made in the Grey Goose distillery. Baby Goose is here to stay!
Reviewer: Ricky

Yea, it's me again. I believe I spoke too soon regarding Pinnacle's attributes. More often than not, imported vodkas ADD thickeners (glycerin,sugar,citric acid,etc.) to fatten up thier product. This is the case with this stuff. If there is one thing I hate more than eating my own words is drinking vodka flavored gycerin! I totally retract my former opinion of Pinnacle Vodka and replace it with this review. Avoid FAKE VODKAS! From now on, I'm sticking with AMERICAN MADE vodkas. Why, because they are regulated as to what they cannot add and must spell out what they do. Also, I don't like eating crow. Bye the way, tried 360 vodka last evening. Really good stuff! Real vodka, no fillers and made in America. Pinnacle belongs on the Glycerin review site!!!!!!!!! How's that for a Keith Oberman commentary?
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Just had Pinnacle. Better than Grey Goose and many higher priced vodkas. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: chris

I wanted to like this vodka, because I'd heard relatively good things about it. Alas, the first try as Dirty Vodka Martini was not impressive. There is a cloying bitter aftertaste to this vodka. However, in as a mixer for a bloody mary it is more than acceptable...but if it can't stand alone to dash of vermouth and a touch of olive juice it can't rate more than a two in my book. Tito's is a much better choice for a few dollars more and for 5-6 dollars more you can pick a bottle blindfolded and still likely walkaway with a better tasting vodka.
Reviewer: vjg

Decently smooth for the money- this French vodka comes at a reasonable cost.
Reviewer: peter mizla

I have tried many of the top-vodkas listed on this site, but not all. The prevailing reason I come back to Pinnacle again and again is predominately this: whenever indulging even to any so-called excess Pinnacle does not present me with the morning headache like many other ostensibly premium brands. I don’t know why and won’t speculate here. Never having over imbibed with Grey Goose which I’ve read is produced at the same French distillery I can’t speak for; but, Pinnacle is~ in my inexpert view first-rate vodka with the added advantage of no immediate ill- after effects and at a popular price. Oh yes, of course I loathe the detestable plastic bottle.
Reviewer: LJMac

As one of the newer mid-grades out right now I feel this vodka is a STRONG CONTENDER against say...Svedka or NewAmsterdam. I've given all three the " MARTINI TEST" and this is the winner. Definitely the best for the price!!!
Reviewer: Jason Scranton

Tastes like dirty toilet water and rubbing alcohol but does get you f****d up. If you're looking for a cheap way to get drunk, this is it. Most common vodka at most college house parties.
Reviewer: Donald Glamour

honestly the best thing I've ever drank. it tastes smooth, not quite like ciroc but better then most other vodkas. gets you f****d up real fast if it's not mixed with anything. my personal favorite mix with pinnacle whipped is dr. pepper. try it...trust me.
Reviewer: Sally seashore

While not the best vodka it does not taste like the cheapest either. The cost is good for one thing. Good Vodka should have little taste. This has a taste, somewhat burny, medium, good for mixing but not as good straight. Most people buy vodka for mixing.
Reviewer: Mark J

First Vodka I ever tried. Not the smoothest and it does have a burn but it is available most places and is fairly cheap. So no real complaints.
Reviewer: Aaron English

I agree with Vig, a bit bitter in a martini with vermouth and olives but okay in a vodka tonic or bloody mary...price is right but not a good drinking vodka in this vodkaites opinion.
Reviewer: djhbutler

I just tried the blackberry, cotton candy, and fruit punch Pinnacle vodkas. The word "terrible" doesn't fully describe the taste of these vodkas. It is like bad cough syrup died and was put in a vodka bottle. This stuff is truly nasty. I would never mix this with fruit juice or put in a martini. It might work for a mixer in bad party punch but that is all that can be said for it.
Reviewer: Mike in Tally

pinnacle vodka spout does not stay in the bottle when pouring it stays in the cap the bottle of this vodka the cap sometimes leaks and you cant measure your pouring it all just pours out
Reviewer: robin

Reviewer: DARRELL

OMG!! The peach flavored taste like cough syrup! Don't waste your money!!!!!
Reviewer: KT

Not a Vodka expert, but even my GF, who drinks ALOT of vodka, commented that this is a very smooth brew-I agree:)
Reviewer: John

Had this swill and wanted to believe the hype re:Cheap Grey Goose alternative. I woke up with dark circles under my eyes. Tried another night, same deal. Did the old activated carbon trick on it for a week and no dark circles. There is something in this vodka that is not natural.
Reviewer: Daniel Hendrickson

This vodka is not as good as other brands such as smirnoff which are in the same price range. It is more harsh on the stomach going down and there is a very strong, syrup like after taste. It is the bottom of the next rung up from the very bottom of vodkas such as skoal, which is almost u drinkable. Also, this gave me the worst hangover I've had in my life. Even before the hangover I felt it was bad.
Reviewer: Terrence

i have been searching for a good affordable vodka for home consumption. i have tried belvedere,finlandia tito's and now pinnacle. i must say you can't beat the price of $8.99 at my local market for 750ml. not convinced this is going to be my go to brand but it should make the finals.
Reviewer: herb

Delicious. I prefer this to my bottle of GreyGoose...iy's smoother, sweeter and the price is great. I used to prefer GG or Three Olives. Now I buy Pinnacle.
Reviewer: LadyK

Solid value vodka. Tried mixed and stright. Definitely not goose but better than average. However there is an aftertaste I can't name. Not a bad taste, just different. Price is great. Oh and the the flavors are kind of cheap and mediciney.
Reviewer: chris

Solid value vodka. Tried mixed and stright. Definitely not goose but better than average. However there is an aftertaste I can't name. Not a bad taste, just different. Price is great. Oh and the the flavors are kind of cheap and mediciney.
Reviewer: chris

I tried the pinnacle whipped. It's disgusting. The only alcohol that's ever made me get sick and have the worst hangover the next day. I tried it twice and that was the result for both times
Reviewer: Nikki

Not smooth reminds me of the way rubbing alcohol smells. awful!!!!
Reviewer: carol

I've been a Smirnoff fan for years. I've heard about Pinnacle and decided to try it. $3.00 per bottle cheaper and I like it better. Smooth taste. No aftertaste and it's great straight with a lime twist. I'm sold on it
Reviewer: Paul

Yet another vodka from France, a country that's extending its shelf presence in the vodka area day by day. Pinnacle is a wheat vodka, and a very good one. The texture is almost silky, the taste grainy and a bit sweet, with fresh aromas. It's a smooth, very drinkable vodka with a rather short finish. A la votre!
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

I got the grape flavor: Pro's: Cheap Cons: Taste like garbage and smells like garbage, I feel like I got ripped off even for the cheaper price! I will never buy again, rather go without than to drink this crap! Might not be high end but Smirnoff grape vodka is in a much higher class.
Reviewer: disgruntled

I bought pinnacle peach this stuff is the worst garbage its like drinking some kind of cheap perfume disgusting crap send me my money back or let me bring it back to Walgreens and exchange it
Reviewer: Rich

I love 360 but Walmart didn't have it so I bought Pinnacle and it gave me a instant head and stomach ache. Not good I'll probably just throw it away and call it a lose.
Reviewer: T.j.

Not very good.
Reviewer: creep

Grabbed the Mango and it tastes absolutely awful. I literally cannot wait to get rid of this stuff, but I can barely stomach it enough to do so. I've had it for weeks now and I'm probably just going to toss it at this point. I don't know if its the Manga or the brand, but I'll certainly never get it again. You get what you pay for, I suppose, and it is cheap.
Reviewer: PF

I love pinnacle 100% it's a smooth drink, I usually have a tough time stomaching vodkas, however, for the price and quality It's worth every penny. Every flavor so far that I have tried have made me love it more and more, so if you get the chance buy it, I promise it's worth it.
Reviewer: hayley

CAUTION: This vodka gave me the worst hangover of my entire life. I was a bartender for 17 years. Pinnacle Vodka has wrecked my world. I feel like I've been hit by a train. This is literally worse than when I had Covid-19. Has anyone else suffered an unusually brutal hangover off of this stuff like I did?
Reviewer: Ryan

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