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Poland Spring Vodka

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Absolutely horrible. From White Rock Distilleries in Lewiston, Maine, USA $9 per 1.5L -- That tells you somthing right there!
Reviewer: greg

Yeah; it's as bad as the last guy suggested. For 9$ it's drinkable, but it must be noted that it tastes like drinking rubbing alcohol. Hangovers can be agonizing. Probably best left to the homeless, punks, and destitute college students. I give it two stars because it is only 9$ a handle and definitely gets one drunk.
Reviewer: dave kinzler

I agree that the regular Poland Springs Vodka, black label, is a painful swallow, BUT, the Poland Springs Light Vodka is better than most of the common name vodkas, and better than some of the more expensive brands also. It's smooth with a pleasant after taste - hard to believe it's from the same maker. I highly recommend it - if you can find it. There's only one seller in my area that carries it.
Reviewer: Del Josephs

I drink vodka pretty often and Poland Springs (yes the black label) is one of the best brands I've ever had. It is smooth and has a sort of mineral water like aftertaste in my opinion. I wouldn't say it's as good a say Russian Standard, but it is definitely better than Smirnoff and more than definitely better than all the other low priced vodka. To a seasoned drinker, there is no kick at all, or a light kick to a social drinker. It tastes as if you magically turned Poland Springs water into vodka, heh. While it is a good vodka to do shots with, it is also great to mix with. I have made various drinks with various brands of vodka, and I can put more vodka into drinks and have no to little kick with Poland Springs, and it doesn't interfere with the drinks flavors.
Reviewer: Lain

What does "vodka with premium liquor" mean??? Mineral spirits? it tastes like acetone pure and simple, paint thinner.! wow even mixing this with Canada dry tonic or cranberry juice it comes thru like your nail polish isn't dry yet, cant wait to get this one out the door. I don't know what the person rating the light vodka is speaking of cause that's not vodka its grain neutral spirits diluted with water to a 20% solution ...
Reviewer: fabu

It tastes (and smells!) like someone squeezed the ink out of an expo marker. but it gets the job done
Reviewer: lauren

this is not for sipping,yes awful,but as a mixer the flavor becomes enhanced,it comes forward & is not lost in the mix.
Reviewer: bob lant

It isn't high priced. It definitely smells like turpentine. The taste wasn't horrible, I drink it straight and chase it with mountain dew
Reviewer: Dabby

tried it again.. guess I forgot! Its just as bad as thye last time, Paint thinner smells like the ER after a scrubdown. Tastes worse.
Reviewer: fabu

I kept smelling Plastic everytime I opened the bottle and wondered..."What's that God Awful smell?"...took me a couple of shots to realize it was the Vodka...then read the label and saw "With Liqueur" and said to myself....WTF??? what does that mean....Nasty, Nasty, Nasty is all I have to say. If I weren't such a lush, I would just throw it out, but I just drowned it in Lime Juice and other things...because...hey...it's still 80 proof...as the Largest Part of the Label clearly states. Do yourself a Favor and spend a few dollars more to get something palatable.
Reviewer: Lonnie

I'm afraid to buy Poland Springs Water. I thought it was a good name so I bought it it's disgusting. Tastes like turpentine and nothing covers the taste.
Reviewer: Liz

For $13.99 it's not the cheapest vodka in York Maine but its better then Orloff or Crown Russ so I'm happy. Great for mixing but I have not had it straight yet but surprisingly when smelling it the vodka does not smell like pure rubbing alcohol.
Reviewer: J.J

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