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Polar Ice

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i get so tanked off of polar ice every weekend. it is the best feeling and it doesnt feel liek nail polish at all, like all those other vodkas i can even drink it straight. i love you polar ice! p-ice,p-ice baby
Reviewer: stephanie and kc

Harsh when it first enters your mouth, burns as it goes down, lingering aftertaste... the worse I have ever tasted. To be used as mix only, or as an alternative to gasoline for your car.
Reviewer: Sasha Massalimov

EXCELLENT. Comparative to Cooranbong in quality and smoothness, though not as oily. Much cheaper too! Light, with a sweet finish like Crystal Head. Unbelievably smooth. Best bang for the buck by far that I've found. I absolutely recommended this if you can find it! Knocks the pants off more expensive vodkas like Ketel One, Grey Goose, Vox, etc. Try it, you'll see.
Reviewer: Mike W

average at best. it has a sweet grain nose which transfers sweetness into the taste, however the sweetness is also accompanied by a harsh abv smell that's just harsh. it's alright for mixing, but quite rough on its own.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

A cheap Vodka that probably isn't worth your money. It's bitter and harsh and leaves a terrible burning sensation. There are far better Vodka's out there around the same price point that taste much smoother. (I'm looking at you, Absolut.)
Reviewer: Tyler

Average mixing vodka. Not great but nothing wrong with it either. Its okay.
Reviewer: Maritimer

Too much sweet. Too much burn.
Reviewer: Travis Biggs

great vodka....don't know why it gets a bad rating....from the snobs it does...very smooth.fantastic price point....slight sweetness at end....from the wheat.goes well with anything.one of my faves.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

this vodka for 10.50 a bottle is the best I've tried yet in this price range.in my opinion is better than a Sobieski and Finlandia.
Reviewer: Ryan Bitner

I used to mix this vodka up with iceberg which isn't good. But Polar Vodka is great. I brought it to the US to share at a friends wedding and it was super liked by the shot. Straight.
Reviewer: JD

Harsh taste and horrible aftertaste. Gives me stomach problems everytime i drink it as well. Struggling to finish this bottle (first Police Ice bottle I've ever gotten) but i spent the money on it and i don't waste liquor! Will probably never buy it again
Reviewer: Sparco Hobart

4 = "Fine" on this scale and that's what it is; just fine. a handle is $20 at my liquor store, but Svedka is the same price and is much, much smoother. i only drink shots, and Polar Ice is a fierce burn when you take it straight; it reminds me of Everclear. but i don't really get the aftertaste that other reviewers mention here. i chase it with a beer or straight cranberry juice and i get through a bottle just fine. it helps to keep it in the freezer. and after three shots, no one cares what it tastes like.
Reviewer: Trip Affleck

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