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This was the standard Soviet vodka. Cheap, available, and intoxicating. Analyzing it as if it were a fine wine misses the point. When inebriation was necessary in the Soviet Union, chances are this is what did it.
Reviewer: Kruglosutochnui Chris of http://mcfrank.blogspot.com

A friend brought a bottle of this from Russia for me. It is the smoothest alcohol I've ever had. It is like Vodka flavored water (no burn at all). I wish I could find it in the U.S.
Reviewer: Todd Stevens

if this is the same vodka for $10 a bottle? looks like a generic bottle of vodka.find itm buy it & try it.front lable says" wheat vodka" in bold type label on the back states "distillery ladoga st. petersburg russia" are you kidding me this vodka has no heat at all.bought in arlington heights,il at garden fresh market
Reviewer: brian elfring

friend gave me the rifle shaped bottle of this vodka as a gift. wow,hands down the smoothest, no aftertaste vodka i ever had!have to drink it straight to really enjoy it.
Reviewer: george fisterman

Agree with other posters. Had this at a Russian party in 1980's. We brought Stoly Krystal which we thought was the bomb. A kid from Russian brought this battered old bottle of Pshenichnaya that looked like it had been recycled 5 times. Scratched, malformed, industrial. Compared it to the Stoly. O.M.G. It made Stoly taste like rubbing alchohol. It was literally like drinking slightly vodka-flavored water; so amazingly smooth! The stuff you get exported to USA is nothing like it.
Reviewer: SirDrynxcelot

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