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Country: BelarusDistilled from: GrainCompany: American-Belarus Imports
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I have had the pleasure to experience what I consider to be the best yet. My Husband and I visited Gullivers in Anaheim and tried a martini made with a vodka I never heard of (Charodei). Marvelous.
Reviewer: Michelle

Best martini vodka
Reviewer: Ed

Just became available in Thailand, fantastic.
Reviewer: Ruem Laddawan

Just returned from Chicago and this vodka was considered the star at the Restaurant and Hotel Show. After sampling it, I could see why. Oscar Rizo-Patron, Lima, Peru
Reviewer: Oscar Rizo-Patron

Tremendous vodka, While in Seoul Korea, a friend ordered this vodka and it was the finest I have ever had the opportunity to try. I live in Oregon and would love to be able to serve it to my friends but I could not find it. Robert Pendergast
Reviewer: Robert Pendergast

As a bartender for more then 20 years I have tried many. Charodei is the real thing - no gimmicks.
Reviewer: Mark Cousins

I am albert pujos. I have had many vodkas in my day as an alcoholic baseball player, but this is the grand slam of them all!
Reviewer: albert pujos

charodei is gangster. i prefer the quality, smooth and crisp taste of ol' english malt liquor.
Reviewer: jebus@allottafachina.org

Little known in the U.S., this vodka blew me away. Impressive.
Reviewer: KRK

I had a roommate from Belarus who introduced me to this vodka. Wow! It is so great. Smooth and rich unlike many others, the best martinis as well. Judging by their low rating, the reviewers at vodkaphiles must have had their Charodei replaced with crap by the corrupt customs agents in Belarus.
Reviewer: Roger Moore

This vodka should be allowed to be rated a 10+ there is no other one that I have ever tasted in my 35+ years of sampling distilled spirits that compares with the smoothness, the flavor and lack of burn and aftertaste as Charodei.
Reviewer: John R. Kenton

Very good premium vodka. Interesting bottle and pour system. The flavor is almost a citrus and smoke, without the bland that you get with many vodkas that are distilled many times.
Reviewer: md

I have enjoyed Charodei on many occasions and unfortunately the state controlled alcohol stores where I live at have stopped carrying it. This in my opinion is the best vodka for a martini! Only a few vodkas blend so perfectly with vermouth to create a smooth satisfying martini! Please I beg of you& TRY IT!!!
Reviewer: Chris Y.

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