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I was first turned on to this vodka at a bar in Manhattan Beach. The bartender promised me it would be the best vodka I ever tasted. It comes in a fairly non - descript bottle, but does come with shot glass fashioned after the domes of classic Russian architecture. There was quite a production in making sure that the shot was sufficiently chilled, but it was worth the wait. It does, as boasted, taste like spring water, with an almost effervescent quality. We enjoyed alot of it straight up - mixing it with anything seemed a crime. Highly reccomended, but hard to get. I was told it is only available to restaurants and bars. If you can find it, it is wortht the effort.
Reviewer: Scott Anderson

I can't believe the best Vodka out there does not receive the recognition it deserves. I am a Vodka connoisseur and can say that Rodnik Vodka combines an unparalleled smoothness without leaving out its unique flavor and euphoric buzz.
Reviewer: Brock

How lucky to live in Britain. I can get Rodnik for just £10, off the shelf in my local supermarket. Thank you Tesco. Smooth, rounded and delicious.
Reviewer: chopper

Tried it in L.A. Christmas '02. Smooth, Creamy and gave the greatest buzz. VERY CLEAN TASTING. I was a Grey Goose fan-now its all about the Rodnik-Straight up-no fruit or vegetable!
Reviewer: TallJJ

I must have gone to that same bar in Manhattan Beach and had the same bartender. We got into a vodka discussion and brought out the Rodnik. Needless to say, he won the debate. By far the best vodka ever. We drank it all night and then he made us his special Dirty Martini with Rodnik. First time I've like a Dirty Martini. Rodnik all the way!!!
Reviewer: Anne Watson

Rodnik is zee best. I know the distributor personally, John Sutton. It is going to be huge. He is currently sponsering the Herdez Formula 1 car - Enrique is waaay cool to party with.
Reviewer: bo phelan

I used to drink smirnoff however stumbled across this site then tried this vodka - absolutely tremendous! Im addicted for life!
Reviewer: Big Yin Fae Scotland

Rodnik is easily the finest vodka I have had out of many. It’s complex flavor profile and rich viscosity when properly chilled makes other vodkas seem inept compared to its grandeur. I recently had it at the Sundance film festival and was hooked for the whole week. I can’t wait until I can buy it in the store. Who do you have to kill to get a bottle of this stuff anyway?
Reviewer: Matthew Wadiak

I believe that this Rodnik Vidka will do very well here in California its extremly smooth, great for matini's and on the rocks. I would defenetly buy it and serve it to my friends at my gatherings. Martin B.
Reviewer: Martin Brunenieks

The Rodnik distillery in Samara, Russia has stood since 1895 and produces 40 million bottles annually. Rodnik Luxury Russian Vodka has no spirit smell to the nose, a slight wheaty honey scent. The first sip has a warm creamy texture and sensation, followed by a wheat aftertaste. The rest throws back like icy cold spring water. Rodnik complements fish and wild game perfectly.
Reviewer: Kristine Wylie

I am a fan of Stolichnaya and other premium vodkas. I bought a Rodnik in London and brought it back with me to the States thinking it was a cheap vodka. I even shelved it for a good six months until I had friends over. I ran out of Stoli so I poured my friends a chilled Rodnik and quickly put the bottle back in the freezer. My friends were instantly impressed and mentioned it was different. I tried it, I am convinced. However, I cannot find it anywhere except bars!
Reviewer: Richard Brklacich

The Best!!!
Reviewer: Alexey

A friend's dad, um..."came up" on a box full of about 8 bottles of these in about 2003. Since then there has been only one other vodka I've ever tried that even came close (Reyka). I love this vodka, and for the longest time the only place I could find it was online (rarely until recently) or Keg 'n Bottle up by UCSB...but now (although in a different bottle) they sell this vodka for around $20 at BevMo!
Reviewer: Elliott

Rodnik Vodka is definately got to be one of the smoothest Vodkas'i have ever tasted.The fact that it doesnt have the strong alcohol smell does it for me. From my experience i havent had a hangover from it in the three years i have been having.In a nut shell Awesome!
Reviewer: James Makkin

Reviewer: zita a. cruz

The best! I learned of Rodnik while visit in Samara. But cannot find it in Oklahoma, US Is there anywhere to buy Rodnik online? US Distributor?
Reviewer: Charles Cooper

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