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Russian Standard

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A pleasurable experience! Too bad we can't get here in the US.
Reviewer: Jeff

I like Russian Standard very much !!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Adel

Tastes like vodka should and as smooth as silk no burn at the end and no hangover
Reviewer: David Heydt

I spent 4 years in Russia and tasted them all. Ruskie Standart was by far the best. It went down smooth and didn't hurt you the next day. This is the premiere vodka of Russia
Reviewer: Bill Baird

Even Russians say that this is the best vodka you can get. It is truely the finest available.
Reviewer: Simon Dadd

This is probably the best vodka produced and certainly recognized as such in the motherland Russia. Both the original and the platinum are very smooth and with the perfect taste and no uncomfortable aftertaste. It is worth the plane ticket to Moscow!
Reviewer: Robert Loewe

After a recent trip to Moscow, conducted a taste test with Moskovskaya Crystall, Russian Standard Platinum, Absolut and Grey Goose. Moskovskaya and Russian Standart came in a close #1 & #2, respectively. Both have a sweet bouquet, excellent taste and smooth finish, no burn...and no hangover. Absolut and Grey Goose were #3 and #4, repsectively, both having much less smooth taste and "burning" finish. Many friends in Russia also recommend either Mosko Crystall or Russian Standard as "best" Russian Vodka
Reviewer: Tim

I returned from 2 weeks in Russia just 2 days ago. Having been a confirmed Grey Goose drinker, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with Russian Standard vodka. Uniformly recommended by all bartenders in high end hotels etc. it lives up to its reputation. Smooth, no burn, even enjoyed by those not used to drinking vodka neat.
Reviewer: Tom Lasky

simply the best vodka I ever had....
Reviewer: Philip Salvisberg

This is the only vodka that has landed me in a jail in St Petersburg. Russian police very friendly. Highly recommended
Reviewer: Rick Booth

Vodka is the best of all spirits in the world. Russian Standard is the best Vodka of all. I love this stuff.
Reviewer: nagu

I rate this vodka second behind Shakespeare vodka. Third on my list would be Absolut Citron. I'll have to wait and see if Vodkaphiles publishes this rating!
Reviewer: Russ Arsaga

In a class of its own...Simply the best.
Reviewer: LL

An excellent vodka - silky smooth without being spineless, and a very obvious step up from an already very good Russian Standard [regular].
Reviewer: Alexander

Shakespeare vodka is still the best! Just try it once.
Reviewer: Peter

As far as Russian vodka goes, Russian Standard tastes no better than Flagman (which is considerably cheaper) and is not much better than local brands like Sankt Piterburg. Russian Standard has simply been a lesson in good branding which has impressed us in Russia. And as for their claims to have 'rediscovered' Mendeleev's ideal formula for vodka, I've never heard such rubbish!
Reviewer: Kolya Anderson

I never was a big vodka drinker until I moved to Russia for 4 years. Ruskie Standart is certainly an outstanding vodka. The other Russian stuff is nothing to write home about. Finlandia isn't too bad either.
Reviewer: Bill Baird

Russians, when I was there, were suprised at my preference for this vodka. Apparently it's not considered the best vodka by Russians, but it is my favorite. Much better than Grey Goose, which has too many extraneous flavors. The name also appeals to me in that it's reminiscent of the characteristically unimaginative company names used in the Soviet time, which is for me mildly nostalgic.
Reviewer: F Kellaway

I have tried many brands ie. Kettle 1, Grey Goose, Belvedere ect, but Russian Standard (non platinum) is DA BOMB ! I had 6 people drink straight shots from the bottle I brought back. It was unanimous "it was proclaimed the best Vodka ever" also the next day no ill effects can't beat that.
Reviewer: George Schulte

I recently tried a few shots of Russian Standard Platinum, after which we drank Grey Goose the supposed #1 Vodka in the world. After the Russian Standard the Grey Goose which I had thought was the smoothest tasted rough and bitter. The result Absolutly amazing, Russian Standard Platinum is the best Vodka in the world.
Reviewer: Benny Crick

very good, hard to find...hard to be without...you can get it in the U.S.
Reviewer: Brad S.

In three blind tastings (20+ brands) between family and friends this one has come out top each time. On the one occasion that there were two (covered) bottles it came a close 1st & 2nd! Finally found a UK supplier so I don't need to pester my russian colleagues.
Reviewer: budge

I think R.S. tastes like formaldehyde. Had one shot when I first came to Russia, haven't had it since. Gzhelka is ten times better, and even Karelia and Petrovskaya Sloboda, two vodkas made in the town where I live, are a lot better in my opinion. Save your money and buy something else.
Reviewer: Mike

RS is like drinking from the breast of Mother Russia! Warm and satisfying with the cleanest finish I have experienced.
Reviewer: Chris

Clean and smooth, with a solid warming and no sharp edges. I've had vodkas from all over Russia and Europe--Ketel One being my usual fave--and this is hands-down the finest vodka I've ever had. (The reviewers praising Gzhelka and others are too used to harsh vodka, imo.)
Reviewer: Tom

This is the finest vodka. Period. I've being drinking best vodkas for many years, mostly Russian like Stoly, Moskovskaya, Cristall, Smirnoff Black label(Russian distilled). Well,they are all great vodkas. But Russkiy Standart is in a ligue of it's own. It's available in some places in Brooklyn, but it will not be exported to USA any more and I have no idea why.
Reviewer: Peter

Sold as a premium in Moscow, sold in Oyster bars at airports, and we know why. No choking afterburn, just glides down. best bottle that I have ever had. Always keep a bottle in the freezer. Don't mix it, just wasting it!
Reviewer: Phil Thompson

Take it from a Russian - this is a darn good vodka (Platinum). Smooth, soul-warming, and no hangover at all. I hope the quality of RS does not go down as it often happens with popular vodkas. Having used his other famous product, I also look forward to tasting a new vodka from Kalashnikov. I couldn't find neither of these vodkas in the US; does anyone know a source?
Reviewer: Pete

The smoothest, cleanest and purest vodka I've tasted. Since Palm Bay Imports dropped it, I've not been able to find it in NY, can anyone help me? I don't bother chilling the stuff; it's that good.
Reviewer: Luigi DeLuca

I've had dreams of Russian Standard ever since my trip to Moscow last year. I thought it couldn't possibly live up to the euphoria of my vacation but a friend brought some home to California and indeed, it made the Belvedere I was drinking taste like rubbing alcohol....
Reviewer: Brian

Two trips to Russia while adopting our little girl. We feel in love with her and Russian Standard. This is by FAR the best Vodka made. So smooth but tasty. I would line up to get more...
Reviewer: Chris

smooth and tasty.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Great stuff ! It is available in the US now, but your local store most likely have to order it.
Reviewer: Terry

I will post a 5 because I am sure that Chris and Terry meant to do so from their comments. I usually prefer potato based vodkas, but this is a very special product. So soft and smooth.
Reviewer: The Baron

I like a vodka that I can taste and savor. This one has a very appealing nose, and is smooth yet loaded with mouth feel. Enjoy this one with about five minutes of ice melt, and the flavor opens up, winter grains, wheatberrys and soft water. Big and round, with a slight vanilla sweetness. Clean finish, pleasant, warm feel, Not hot, and no burn. A Big- Classic Russian Vodka.
Reviewer: J

alright, lets not get confused here. it has good flavor, but to say it has no bite at the end is a blatent lie! i happen to like the bite, so i much enjoy this vodka, full of fruit and character, at $25.xx per 750ml here in canada, it's miles above other brands in the grain sector of similar price. i still prefer Luksusowa, but then, i like potatoe vodka's. for grain and price, this is a winner.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

I discovered Russian Standard a few months ago, just before Christmas 2009, when it became available in Canada. It was a very pleasant surprise: I never thought that a wheat-based vodka could taste and smell so good and have so much character... I was wrong. This is definitely in a class of its own. Do not get confused by the sumptuousness of their advertising campain (which I don't dislike at all actually); rest assured, the product itself is of very high quality. I can hardly wait to taste the Platinum version and Imperia...
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

i had the opportunity to taste three vodkas this week - grey goose, smirnoff vanila, abolsut citron and russian standard. i'll rule out smirnoff vanila and absolut citron right away becuase i just did not like flavor in my vodka. grey goose was alright. but russian standard platinum was the best. i liked it best in a frozen shot, but keeping for a bit in the mouth and tasting it.
Reviewer: Anton Dsilva

Lively nose with hint of charcoal, toasted wheat, anise and lemongrass notes, medium finish. As far as entry level vodkas from Russia, this doesn't do too badly. When priced against Stoli, it delivers a fairly focused set of tasting notes, with the right amount of polish to keep the finish from being too aggressive.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Middle of the road....just like the name says...Standard. I really didn't enjoy too much. O.K. for mixing.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Russian Standard Original is a wonderful vodka. Reasonably priced as far as mid-to-high-end vodka goes. Extremely smooth and soft with minimal burn on the way down. I usually prefer to drink it neat, but it mixes well according to friends I've made mixed drinks for. By far my favorite pure grain vodka. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Chris Robinson

A great vodka. That says it all. Nick
Reviewer: Nick

There really isn't a better wheat vodka (or any grain vodka ) at anywhere near this price . Any perceived preference for super premium vodka at twice the price usually is negated with blind tastings. This is the real deal and a must stock bottle . Approximately 25 Canadian dollars /750ml in Toronto .
Reviewer: Sean Smith

soooo smooooth
Reviewer: suzy

Just tried Russian Standard and I am completely amazed. The flavor vs. price is amazing. If you like Liquor with some flavor...not just an alcohol aftertaste then this is for you. I still have the occasional bottle of Starka sent over from a friend (aged rye type), and this helps bridge the gaps nicely!!! You cant go wrong.
Reviewer: Chris C.

I remember walking into the local sainsburys [UK super market for those who dont know] and asking the store attendant for a bottle of Smirnoff [I was feeling poor] and the nice gentleman suggested i try Russian Standard. 2 weeks later, after pay day, i come back and order a bottle from the same chap and well what can i say, always take advice from Russian store clerks ... they know their vodka! Excellent stuff, not the best but definitely very drinkable!
Reviewer: calum

RS platinum is smooth for drinking up straight. The best you money can buy, the best I tell you!
Reviewer: John

Decent, used to be better.
Reviewer: Joe

Of the brands now widely available in UK supermarkets, this is probably the best, bar maybe Finlandia - it's certainly far better than market leader Smirnoff, which I'll never touch again after having found RS to be superior...
Reviewer: Dave

I dont know what part of the states the first review was in but here in Texas they sell this at plenty of the liquor stores!!!
Reviewer: dannyr

I wont give nothing a five (untill that one special vodka comes), however Ive only given one other vodka a four, Fris. This stuff tastes better than Fris, but is twice as much ($17 in Ohio)-hence the two four rankings. This stuff also has a nice smell, and a cool bottle (not that those things matter). When Im short on cash Ill go with Fris, but when I have the dough its Russian Standard.
Reviewer: jmr

Smooth silky taste with a gentle bite at the end. Best vodka for drinking straight.
Reviewer: Joshua

I don't think you can beat Russian Standards value. It is an excellent vodka at a great price.
Reviewer: Nucky

mothers milk ./
Reviewer: grant

I'm baffled at so many stellar comments. Maybe Bevmo switched bottles on me. I find RS too harsh and the finish biting and regrettably long-lasting. A mixer vodka at best.
Reviewer: Matt

My all time favorite Vodka, great taste, no burning in the mouth, it's smooth and drinks like water. And here in France this masterpiece Vodka is cheaper than Absolut, and we all know that Absolut is not good. I highly recommend Russian Standard, simply the best.
Reviewer: Arriflex

Subtle hearth aromas. Interesting metallic/industrial notes. Medium body and flavor with toast and citrus. Rather short finish, but a quality vodka for enjoyment with a meal.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Here in Atlanta Russian Standard goes for about $16.00. ZYR for about $30.00, or some 90 to 95% more than Standard. Is someone about to tell me ZYR is 95% better. No it is not. In blind tasting my "team" of 8 testers could NOT tell one from the other after the first drink about 90% of the time. With food, not at all. We did 4 tests. It's your money. If you want to show off buy ZYR. If you want top of the line taste and value, chill down some Russian Standard.
Reviewer: Jeffrey G

Russian Standard Original is a well made vodka, but I didn't care for the taste when drank neat. But Its a AAA+ mixer. Its good, but I don't like this one on its own. Maybe I'm used to lesser vodkas.
Reviewer: Maritimer

By far one of the best vodkas on the market. I have drank many vodkas in the past. To me russian standard is smooth and I never really had a bad hangover from it. It is definitely better than the other leaders in the game i.e. goose, belvey , svedka (taste like lighter fluid). I give it 5- James _USA
Reviewer: James

I taste this vodka in 2006 small bottel 0.5l produced in Riga/Latvia , 40 % abv , realy taste bad! Fussels oils inside! Not healty, buyed a new bottle in 2010 , and compared both, the new is produced in St Petersburg and have a perfect taste. Almost like a good Stolichnaya vodka.
Reviewer: Paul VA

I am going to pick up this vodka and the platinum version very soon and I'm very excited about this. I am sort of new to the world of spirits and have a great love already for whiskeys from Europe and Japan. But now I'm really starting to see the promise and easy ness of drinking vodka. I'm glad to say that it looks like this is available in the United States. One of the reviews up above saying its sad that it is not available here and maybe that is years ago that review I'm not sure but the point is is that it looks like I can go down and pick this up at BevMo and I'm going to. I really look forward to trying this and the reason my mind got spark to it is because I saw an NBC Winter Olympics video talking about vodka and Mother Russia and they went into a production facility and had an interview about filtering through the courts and they did a taste and it turned out that maker they were with was Russian Standard I believe the video is now on YouTube
Reviewer: sol

Had this vodka in St. Petersburg and have yet to find any other Russian Vodka that is as good. Great for sipping ...... almost too good to waste in a mixed drink.
Reviewer: Art Douglas

best vodka...period....no bitter after taste....smooth...like water.great for mixing or straight.they know what they are doing.....I could drink this for breakfast.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

1st time with Russian Standard in the UK, lovely stuff but could be stronger.
Reviewer: stu

Exceedingly smooth with no afterburn. Gentle with a touch of sweetness and no medicinal taste. Suprisingly more enjoyable than my standard bearers Finlandia and Blue Ice. A new favorite treat and affordable as well!
Reviewer: Mark Bittner

Taste test amoung the locals. U_ gets 4 Stars, Burne_ts gets 3.5 stars, Tit_o's gets 3 stars, Grey Goo_e gets 4 stars. Russian Standard gets 5 stars and all the accolades. From Russia with love! I'm 64, where have you been all my life?
Reviewer: Bob

Amazing quality for the price. Outstanding straight or in a martini. One of 3 vodka's i will always have in. A finalist in our vodka taste tests.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

It grows on you and it's very, very good. A truely lovely aftertaste as well!
Reviewer: Henry Cobb

Poured ice-cold into a shotglass. This one is light and metallic on the nose, like steel or whatever plastic is used in clamshell packaging (not an unpleasant observation, just uncanny). This stuff doesn't go down well for me - it kicks and claws down every millimeter of my throat, though the flavor is nice enough, with notes of black cherry and fresh-picked radishes. This doesn't just burn, it actually singes - a chaser is almost mandatory. It's a fantastic and very versatile mixer, but as I prefer my vodka straight and neat, I have to give it just three stars. Pyat Ozer is another Russian vodka with a similar profile that I think I prefer, when I want a good burn.
Reviewer: Sam W.

In my 40 years experience of drinking vodka, from many countries, many brands, it is best I ever had.
Reviewer: Yuriy

82 points out of 100, 4.1 stars Theres a bit of a burn. Not bad. Will be the base I compare future vodkas to.
Reviewer: MYW

It's the Russian Standard for a reason. Priced right, great taste, nice bottle. This should have a higher rating. One of the best.
Reviewer: Mike

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