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I got my first bottle of Skyy a couple of days ago and I just love it! Like it a lot more than Smirnoff and Absolut though of course nothing can beat Cristal.
Reviewer: lammron spirlea

Skyy is a decent vodka but in my opinion does not take well to being served at room temperature. I don't care for Skyy straight but it mixes well, especially for martinis. I rate this vodka as somewhere between Blavod, Chopin and Belvedere on the high end and Smirnoff on the low end.
Reviewer: Chad Johnson

Actually a 3.5 (I rounded hah!) This is a very decent vodka, much better for mixed than pure though. Cheers
Reviewer: Lucifer, Sam

this one of the greatest tasting vodka's ever, it's cheap compared to other great vodkas, so it's worth it
Reviewer: j.lyles

If this is not the most discusting vodka on earth.. then i have no idea what i'm talking about.. the only sale point of this vodka is its pretty bottle.. the rest is ZERO!!!!!.. yuk! the thought of it makes me throw up!
Reviewer: Chris

For a medium priced Vodka, this is quite good. Very smooth and waterlike (just like a Vodka should be). It's a shame to go into a bar and watch someone order Absolut when there's a bottle of Skyy sitting right next to it. Skyy is sometimes advertised as "the no hangover vodka". Well, yes, this is true, but is also true for just about ANY premium vodka, as they are distilled more times to remove the impurities. It should be advertised as the "lower priced no hangover vodka".
Reviewer: mikehell

I Think SKYY Vodka is one of the best vodka's available in the market, price per value, quality in mind! I had a russian wedding, with a bottle represented on each table, and will state, everyone enjoyed the vodka immensely! Served Frozen only! and what a package! Frosted Blue Bottles. Intense! And little or no hangovers the next day. Nazdoroviya!
Reviewer: KATO

I enjoy this American made Vodka from San Francisco- Hanger one is from Oakland- these Californians are doing great things with Vodka. Skyy goes down smooth, and is very neutral. I enjoy it in a tradtional martini, or a Skyy 'blue martini' very well priced also.
Reviewer: Peter

Skyy is a solid vodka for the price. It is markedly worse than a few of the top vodkas, but for the dollar is good.
Reviewer: Sean

smooth vodka for average price independent lab tests show that it has the least impurities making it a nice drink for shots or mixing.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

for the price this is a very good vodka its smooth and doesn't have a harsh after taste. I know there are better vodkas out there but for the price it is very good.
Reviewer: simon

If you're getting a midrange vodka, get Skyy. It is definitely not a premium (although it's better than some $30 bottles), but it's the best in its pricerange.
Reviewer: Josh

one of the better "big vodka" brands of the u.s. smoother and a bit lighter than smirnoff red label, but hardly worth the extra cash. although a very good mixer.
Reviewer: jake smith

Greasy, harsh taste. Sort of like kerosine. Hottible in a Vodka Martini and worse by itself. My car runs well on it however!
Reviewer: Rhett

Is this the "Vodka Man's Vodka?" Since that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I'll say no. However, SKYY has a sense of vigor, a polish that belies its price point, and a bottle that will roxor your boxors with its marvelous hue. Screwdrivers tend to have a bit more bite with SKYY than with Stoli, but still palatable. From a college student's perseptive, the veritable lack of hangover the next day truly makes it worth it. Actually, I prefer Svedka's taste just a bit, but the vicious kick in the face it gives you the next morning isn't worth it. I've never had anyone complain about a drink I made for them with SKYY.
Reviewer: Dustin

I'm giving Skyy a five for a few major reasons: 1. It is one of the cleanest/purist vodkas on the market due to a special filtration process. 2. It has a crisp neutral taste, mixes very well and isn't bad straight. 3. You can consume an unhealthy amount of it and wake up feeling fine the next morning!!! 4. Last but not least, it's pretty dang cheap:)
Reviewer: Chris Y.

May I please say that in my opinion there is no such thing as a vodka martini. A martini is gin, vermouth and an olive, period! Anything else is another drink so come up with another name please. Now, as to Skyy. It's ok but I prefer Three Olives or for the same money, Svedka.
Reviewer: Dave

Nice middle range vodka. Not spectular, but beeter than many. Able to drink straight or can stand up as a mix. A good solid buy.
Reviewer: Rob

awful, i drank almost a whole bottle, no buzz, then woke up with a hang over. stick to keitel one
Reviewer: l

Very neutral. Nice for mixed.
Reviewer: Husky

Lack of burn, to me, is the best quality of this vodka. It isn't exceptionally smooth; as it has distinct character. This isn't my first choice for a sipping vodka, but I was impressed nonetheless. Beats Smirnoff and Absolut easily.
Reviewer: Michael

It seems 95% of vodka advertisements are of Smirnoff, Skyy, and Absolut. Skyy is easily smoother than Smirnoff, and tastes better than Absolut! The formula for Skyy vodka came from a chemist after inventing a new distillation technique that removes unwanted by-products that cause hangover and bad taste.
Reviewer: Michael

One of two I give 5 stars. Great bottle, great price, great taste. Smooth as can be. Hands down the best American vodka I've had. Respected but still underrated. My second favorite after stoli.
Reviewer: Troy

Not impressed at all with all the hype. Tastes like rubbing alcohol smells. Toxic at best, time to move on!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

good vodka, not the best out there but there is way worse than sky out there, and it is resonably priced so I gave it 4 stars in sted of three
Reviewer: jeremy s

As far as budget vodkas go, this is the standard in my opinion. Again, comparing this to other budget vodkas, it is relatively smooth, but when mixed, lets you know there is vodka in the drink. Not really a bad thing in my opinion. I wouldn't prefer to drink this straight as I would a premium vodka. It's a little harsh on its own. No more so than other vodkas of this level, though. Much more mellow than Smirnoff or Absolut, in fact. It stands out as a good choice when you have a limited selection, and a limited budget, as you can find this just about anywhere.
Reviewer: Mike W

Overpriced for what you get. Definite rubbing alcohol smell, and leaves a very bitter aftertaste. Okay, but only for mixing.
Reviewer: Hillary

Cheap vodka with a very strong nose (smells like rubbing alcohol). Not made as a pure vodka, instead they purchase the ethanol elsewhere and add water. Fairly clean for a mixer, but not my cup of tea. I for one will never drink it again.
Reviewer: Mike

nice bottle, but a harsh smell and not a well refined taste, thin, bitter, almost metalic. compared to russian standard or stoli gold, which fall in similar price ranges this is not a winner... better than ab pure, but a premium over it. this would be a mixer, that's it... i prefer on the rocks or straight, room temp, this failed to pass the test of that. i dare not drink this to excess to validate the "hangover" factor, as i find if you drink in excess, you're not really enjoying what you drink. average at best. 3 stars... that's generous.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Semi sharp nose with a hint of charcoal, lemon grass, light wheat and a touch of grape in the body, short, clean finish. As far as American grain vodkas go, it's not too rough to enjoy neat, and not too filtered to miss the palate all together.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Very smooth
Reviewer: carlos

So finally tried this stuff. It aint too bad, but for the price not worth buying again.
Reviewer: jmr

Not bad I find the fruity flavors taste better straight I usually drink Amsterdam peach but decided to try this for a change its not too harsh goes down good at room temp... It does smell w little like rubbing alcohol but I ain't snorting it so wtf if they make this in different flavors I would definitly try it
Reviewer: bigstankydick

Literally the absolute worst spirit I've ever had, let alone vodkas. Burned worse than anything, couldn't even concoct a tolerable cocktail due to the atrocious strength of the ethanol. I would rather chug petroleum.
Reviewer: Declan

Reviewer: Jerry Munro

This is one of the first Vodka's I ever bought, and made me fall in love with Vodka in general. Now I have been trying lots of different vodkas over the past couple years, and I have yet to find one better than Skyy. Keep in mind I am not getting ultra premiums, but I have yet to find anything of a similar price point that is nearly as good. The only ones that come close in my mind are Russian standard and a newer Canadian vodka called Banff Ice.
Reviewer: Luke

By far the best tasting Vodka for its price. Incredibly smooth and easy to take at room temperatures, little aftertaste and a hint of sweetness. Very affordable and good quality earns this Vodka a nice 5/5 rating.
Reviewer: Tyler

All sympathies or antipathies aside. All haters or fans aside. Let me review this Vodka for you, as it should be reviewed. First of all, I need to give credit to Skyy for the bottle. The form, the design and the color are absolutely beautiful. To be honest, it made me wonder wether it's taste could keep up with it's looks. I opened the bottle, and smelled it. At that point I wasn't too much convinced, as it had a slightly pungent alcoholic odor to it, just like a cheap vodka, although, without the disinfectant notes. It just smelled of alcohol. Well, as it was about room-temperature, I poured a small amount and let it stand for 2 minutes. The waiting time did it good, and it started to develop character upon smelling it, though feint and distant, like it was clouded by the smell of the alcohol. At this point, I had hopes for the Vodka, but I didn't think that it would indeed be a good one. Tasting it made me realize that I was wrong. It's smoothness is astonishing, as well as it's taste. A little unbalanced in the beginning, but after mere seconds it develops a vanilla / cocoa bean taste, underlined with slight hints of ripe summer and autumn fruits. As it goes down, it releases a little more of it's flavors, giving it an almost round taste, with only slight notes of alcohol. Upon further examination, I found out, that it is indeed one of the finest Vodkas for Cocktails, but can easily enjoyed neat, if chilled to about 18°C it develops it's best taste, and can easily compete with vodkas that cost twice as much. I haven't tried out wether it will really not give me a hangover, as I am drinking responsibly and without purpouse of getting too drunk. I can imagine, that it could give you a need to vomit, as all alcohol does, if consumed in lange quantities, and it might do so in the morning after consumption too, but it will most definitely not give you a headache, as it contains an incredibly low amount of impurities. (I read it on the internet, and had a friend of mine check it with a chromatography.) For that price a very decent Vodka, I rate it the following: nose: 3 out of 5 taste: 4 out of 5 neat enjoyability: 4 out of 5 mixed enjoyability: 5 out of 5 value/price: 5 out of 5 thus concluding my review, I give this Vodka a solid 4 points, because it lacks the character of a master's upper class spirit. Note that this is NOT a rating that depends much on the pricing, but very much on quality. In it's pricerange, I'd give if 5 out of 5 with distinction. Other Vodkas I rate 4/5 are: Grey Goose, Russian Standard, Chopin, Belvedere
Reviewer: Alexandr Sharakoff

The most amazing vodka ever! So smooth
Reviewer: Mal

My wife and I enjoy your vodka. My only problem is: I'm 74 years old and I have to use a pair of water pump pliers to open your bottle. The cap is very hard to open. Can you solve this problem for us old timers? Please help.
Reviewer: Craig Kennedy

I only drink Skyy vodka on the rocks. I find it smooth and I never have a hangover, but I never consume the entire bottle at one sitting.
Reviewer: Gary

Better than average. Excellent for the price
Reviewer: creep

Compared to other relatively cheap vodka prices this is terrible. The smell and the taste is completely off-putting. Is not smooth at all and the after taste is also not the best I do not recommend this vodka.
Reviewer: Sarah

My only problem is trying to screw the cap off of the 1.75 liter bottle
Reviewer: Craig carter

This stuff is garbage. Extremely unclean and really a bad buzz. Not sure if people giving 4 or 5 stars even know what they're talking about. Bad taste, harsh and unclean. It'll get you drunk, that's about it. Very disappointed.
Reviewer: Mike

Is it supposed to smell like nail varnish remover? It also gave a nasty hangover. I wouldn't recommend it sorry. (Skyy blue plain)
Reviewer: Jackie12121

I've been buying Skyy for over 20 years because it's smooth and because of its price. I also buy Tito's which has a good flavor but it is about twice the price as Skyy, however my opinion is that it's not twice as good. I prefer Skyy for flavor and value.
Reviewer: Ratskrad

I purchase a 750 ml bottle of Skyy Vodka March 3, 2021, and it froze solid in the freezer. Alcohol is not supposed to freeze. Skyy has not responded to me.
Reviewer: Martin Alperen

Not only is this a smooth vodka, the change in the packaging is better for my arthritic hands. Good move, SKYY .
Reviewer: Marianne Vanish

Why do some bottles have a "stopper" and others don't? Very easily to over pour a drink! Wondering why to short necks have stoppers and the long necks do not.
Reviewer: Shirra

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