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Smirnoff Black

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First off, let's be sure you understand. This is Smirnoff Black, not to be confused with Smirnoff 150 proof that has a black colored label. As far as I know, Smirnoff Black is not yet imported to the United States, so most of us Americans have never had the pleasure of tasting it. I ordered it in Europe, and fell in love with it. You're probably thinking that since it's Smirnoff, it's pretty bad, like their other Vodkas. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. For this one, Smirnoff has moved back to Moscow to distill. This is no cheap, American, bottom shelf Vodka. This is upper top shelf, and is the smoothest you'll ever taste. It DOES, however, have a distinct sweet flavor, but not an annoying sweet flavor. I can't wait for one of my friends to come back from Europe to bring me a bottle.
Reviewer: mikehell

Amazingly smooth vodka. Dont confuse it with normal smirnoff this is top rate stuff and would easily compare with goose and the other top rated. Not in the U.S. and therefore we dont know what we are missing.
Reviewer: Holly

I thought that by reaching high and paying twice the price for this stuff, i'd be in for a treat from the usual Stoly vodka. Not so. It isn't as smooth to me, and I hated every cup full.
Reviewer: jeZZa

a russian version of the smirnoff name, but the difference stops right there! this vodka is handcrafted in small batches the traditional way. pot distilled from grain and filtered through birch charcoal, this vodka is sublime. full bodied and smooth, i buy all i can when i find it.
Reviewer: jake smith

Absolutely undeserving of the disrespect it gets. Best tasting 100 proof liquor I've ever had. Remarkably smooth.
Reviewer: Troy

This is a crowd pleaser. The bottle is eye catching in a art deco kinda way. The Vodka itself is flavorful with ample flavors of Wheat. Not as smooth as some completely neutral brands, but pleasantly complex and very nice.
Reviewer: J

As someone who only drinks Vodka and good vodka I have to say that this is a fantastic vodka, very smooth, beautiful to drink, worth every dollar I paid for it. Nothing at all like other Smirnoff vodkas which I don't drink at all
Reviewer: Mata Davie

Favorite- only in London market- what a shame! Brought back in luggage to HH, Ca. As good or better than Jewel, Kaufman, and Elite. Stellar Vodka- do not tell anyone! Stunning!
Reviewer: Ned Barlow, MD

Smirnoff Black IS available in the US. You can buy it at the duty free shops in Vegas and Chicago. It's probably available at elsewhere, but those are the 2 I've seen. Every bit the equal of goose. I always pay extra duty to bring home as many bottles as I can to Canada.
Reviewer: Mike Howard

This is the worst vodka i tried in my life. I bought 3 bottles, and after opening one and tasting i thought this is a fake product. i sended one bottle to Diageo for testing. They confirmed that this was original. This vodka has very strong burning taste like synthetic alcohol. The bottle design was very simple without engraved letters like on previous smirnoff vodka bottles. It has no valve under the screwcap.
Reviewer: Maxim

Smirnoff Black is available in Mumbai, India. I bought a bottle from a Liquor Store attached to a Super Market for my birthday party. It's a bit expensive but smooth compared to the local brand of vodka available here.
Reviewer: Cassandra La Croix

As many other reviewers already mentioned, this one has nothing to do with the usual Smirnoff vodka found in the North American liquor stores. Distilled and bottled only in Russia and England, Smirnoff Black is seldom available outside Europe (unfortunately). It is a wheat vodka distilled in copper stills in accordance with an old recipe (small batches). The most striking feature of this elixir is its floral aroma and taste - and no, they did not add pollen or honey... If you want to understand why the Russians say that the best vodka is made from wheat, try Smirnoff Black.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

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