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Smirnoff Triple Distilled / No. 21

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Surely more coarse than Absolut or Grey Goose (but what isn't?), still makes a good Martini (3oz Smirnoff 2/3oz M&R Vermouth ... mmmmmm). Too harsh for straight-up, keep it in the freezer - the colder it is, the more likely it is to pass for "top shelf."
Reviewer: Chris

Smirnoff Triple Distilled / No. 21 is just the original smirnoff in a new revamped bottle with a new logo as you can see is says no.21 old the bottle so its the same product in its new bottle so your review isnt required. a harsh vodka.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

Total rip off. Is just the same old smirnoff in a really nice bottle trying to get hip. I love that they ask you to drink it neat! How awful is that!!
Reviewer: Sarah

Rough, harsh, still burns when cold. Old drink, new bottle. Go for the black and pay the premium.
Reviewer: John Hancock

Great taste, nice and mellow going down straight. I found it best at room temp. Went very nice in a Black Russian.
Reviewer: Doug

The bottle gives it an impressive look, but drinking it straight from the freezer was horrible- rough and acidy. I wouldn't even hazard a sip at room temp.
Reviewer: David Shiloach

same vodka, new bottle, that's it!
Reviewer: milwaukeeJeff

Ok, I'm a bit biased when it comes to Vodka, but I will say this Vodka is great for screwdrivers and the like. I myself love Vodka straight up, but from time to time a screwdriver is a nice change of pace and this Vodka is in my book #1 for mixing. Just don't expect much drinking straight up, because you will be dissapointed.
Reviewer: Matthew

Minimal taste other than the feeling of liquid in the mouth and the anticipation of the expected burn, dutifully delivered upon swallowing. Swallowing is then followed by a slightly alcohol scented aftertaste which thankfully doesn't linger.
Reviewer: Mike Huber

not fit for human consuption, garbage like all smirnoff
Reviewer: jeremy s

Burns the guts out of ya...
Reviewer: kupop0w

This is my baseline vodka. It is a best valued vodka. For the money, it is the smoothest and cleanest finish that I have found. I won't drink a martini with anything less than #21.
Reviewer: Mark

If you're looking to give your insides an industrial strength cleaning then this is the vodka for you. If, however, you actually want a nice vodka avoid this swill like the plague! It'd probably be more pleasurable to drink jet fuel...
Reviewer: calum

A good party liquor. Wouldn't keep it in my personal collection. Decent bang for your buck.
Reviewer: bryant

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