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Stolichnaya Gold

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The best Ever tasted. Fantastic
Reviewer: Mark

i expected something better, i mean the regular stoli cost only 450 pesos, this one cost 750 pesos but wasn't *that* much better. ($1:PhP56 as of sept 14, 2004) still, it is a good quality vodka, the best that i have tasted...i haven't found any grey goose locally though.
Reviewer: ramon

stoli gold is very similar to regular stoli, it is better, but I dont think it is so much better that it commands such a higher price than regular stoli
Reviewer: jeremy s

at our liquor stores, Stoli is $25 / 750, Gold is $26... it is worth it, because the margin isn't there and it is smoother with less bite. stoli gold for the price, for a grain vodka is one of my favorites. it has a little bit of an oily feel to it and it smells quite strong on initial de-capping. it is smooth and flavorful, much enjoyable.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Best Vodka - Teton Glassier
Reviewer: TSokaa

There are much better vodkas around. this one leaves you with a lousy aftertaste.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Reviewer: antman

For me its perfect!!!!!
Reviewer: Michal

An excellent vodka and only $5.00 more than regular Stoli. Well worth the difference. So smooth and delicious. Makes a wonderful Martini.
Reviewer: Allan Swartz

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