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Stolichnaya Vanil

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This is a superbly smooth, creamy vodka that is one of my personal favorites. An excellent libation for a cool summer evening on the porch.
Reviewer: PR

This is a mildly flavored vodka -- unlike some others out there. However, even though it's mild, it tends to overwhlem if used as the sole vodka in a martini. I prefer to use this as a flavoring for a vodka martini, with the main vodka being unflavored. It hints at vanilla without coming on too strong when used in this way.
Reviewer: Randy Schultz

If you're looking for something a little less stuffy than a martini on a hot summer night, mix Stolichnaya Vanil with Canada Dry ginger ale, served on the rocks with a lemon wedge, cherry, or both. Invented in Windsor, Ontario-- it's a Cream Soda.
Reviewer: Bob Stewart.

The reason I rate this so high is that it makes my favorite fruit drink: add pinapple and top of with 7-Up for the fizz factor. The ladies love it.
Reviewer: Jimmy

Goes great with coke for a great long drink in the summer... Lovely Vanilla Coke! Although I cant say I am a big fan of drinking it straight.
Reviewer: Dan

great for making White Russians, but not as good for taking shots. the flavor of the vanilla and the flavor of the spirit just doesn't mix very well. in my opinion the original Stoli tastes better.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

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