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Three Olives

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Although advertised as trendy new vodka complete with ad of woman sitting in martini glass, Thee Olives is very smooth and easy to drink straight up or dusted with vermouth. An added bounus, Three Olives is also easy on the wallet. Hand it to those Brits, they've given us a winner.
Reviewer: Aaron Holtan

Clean as a whistle, no bed head the following morning
Reviewer: Matthew Falvey

Excellent vodka and one of my favorites. The British have done vodka right
Reviewer: David

I opened up this vodka and was immediately hit by a strong nail-polish remover smell. The taste is the same... medicinal and harsh. This vodka tastes very similar to Smirnoff. I was very disapointed.
Reviewer: Habuki

Very clean taste- very English in its over all style. Crisp, and nice. Well its nice in a Martini- good price as well. Also very tasty in a Vodka and Tonic with lime. Unique.
Reviewer: Peter

I saw the bottle and I wanted to try it. As a lover of dirty/dusty martini's, I must say that I found it disappointing- not very pleasant and a bit harsh. Stick to Stoli's, Absolut, Tanqueray or Kettle One if staying in the $20.00 range ... especially when making a straight martini.
Reviewer: Jimmy

Immediately smelled like rubbing alcohol but made surprisingly good screwdrivers and dirty martinis. Thoroughly enjoyed although there are better in this price range.
Reviewer: Susan

Great tasting, very clean
Reviewer: josh

middle of the road. not offensive by any means...just many better options at this price point. cannot compare to Turi or even Pearl for example.
Reviewer: vjg

Vodka tastes almost sweet. Clean mouthfeel. Good representation of Wheat Vodka.
Reviewer: Andrew Estes

An excellent Vodka, smooth with a lovely taste. Too bad the price recently went from $30 to $40 a bottle where I live. Next to Level and Youri, I like this best.
Reviewer: Allan Swartz

Top shelf Vodka is $10.00 per rating star. This is a very good Vodka for its price. Based on that qualifier, It deserves a 5 star rating.
Reviewer: Tom

Unbelievably smooth! Most crisp and clean vodka I have ever tasted. Drink chilled in a shot glass and you will be delighted.
Reviewer: Kelly

how is this garbage getting such good reviews? it's not good. at all. it's not even decent. sorry, i usually try to be fair, but giving this harsh oily vodka good reviews is simply unacceptable.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

I liked the nice aroma of this vodka before I even tasted it, and found it very smooth. Excellent value for the price as well- I tried it side by side with Grey Goose and couldn't figure out why the latter is so much more expensive.
Reviewer: Diana

Smells like Everclear... To me, to harsh to be a sipping vodka. Not impressed.
Reviewer: Derek

A tad below average on it's own, but a good 'Bond' martini maker. the price is attractive and the bottle is well done. I wish there was a way to rate it a 3.5, so I have to round down. it's simply too harsh and bitter when taken straight up to be a 4.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Massive headache
Reviewer: al

I own a bar and use many flavors of 3 olives vodka. the problem is the mouth of the new design bottles and there are no pourers big enough to fit the bottles. I think your company should sell the bottle with a built in pourer
Reviewer: mary ann harby

I find Three Olives to be very smooth, and easy drinking. The only way I drink vodka is in a straight-up martini. No vermouth and no olive juice. Just gently shaken with a skewer full of fat green olives and for that, it's delicious. Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from.
Reviewer: Chuck

I love vodka- love flavored vodka - it's my main style of adult beverage. I have had three olives vodka only a few times - each and every time it has attacked me horrifically! I have NEVER been so sick as when I've drank 3olives. 1 drink will feel fine until it hits me... Then it's a 3 day recovery. From 1-2 drinks. NO OTHER VODKA HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL LIKE THIS! It's like alcohol poisoning to the tenth degree. Even worse than my worst hangover ever. The few times I've had 3 olives it's happened each and every time. I will not ever choose 3 olives and specifically will make sure my drink isn't made with it. Idk how people have given this vodka such great reviews but seriously this is the WORST Vodka I've ever experienced -
Reviewer: Jennifer Wysocki

Vodka from England? Well... yes, and a very nice one! A wheat vodka (of course) that is rather neutral on the nose, with a sweet, grainy note on the palate. The finish is dry and a bit spicy - quite pleasant. Well done, gentlemen!
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

Very good. Nice and clean.
Reviewer: creep

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