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Initially a 5. I find this Estonian vodka as taste-free as any I've tried, and it may be just a bit too extreme that way. I think I detected an unpleasant aftertaste the day after. I'd like other folks' opinions.
Reviewer: Bongo Boy

As good a vodka as you can get...not perfect(I would have given it a 4.5) but oh, so close. Crisp and clean with a hint of honey (I believe they use it). IT is a rye based vodka, if that matters. Enjoyed a bottle with friends and all enjoyed it. Made well enough that there were no regrets next day! surprise yourself with some.
Reviewer: Brad S.

Uniquely smooth neutral taste. I prefer this on the rocks or in tonic. Turi is one of my top favs.
Reviewer: Matt

A friend of mine (who went to a recent Vodka tasting), told me that after drinking Turi immediately after tasting Gray Goose, thought it to be much better in flavor without an after-taste. I, on the other hand, disagree. I found Turi to have too harsh of a flavor and not as smooth as the Goose. Although you can tell it is a high-end Vodka, the best way to describe this trendy spirit is simple-- it's on the same rung as Gray Goose, but on a completely different ladder.
Reviewer: Brian M.

This one seemed to have a sweeter taste... it reminded me of toasted marshmallow, with maybe a hint of vanilla. It's not a flavored vodka, but those are the prominent elements of the flavor to me. Good, but I don't usually like sweeter drinks. Worth owning in any case.
Reviewer: Steve

I'm not sure that I've found a "5" yet, but this is as close as I've come. Fantastically smooth. Excellent sipping vodka. Light flavor for a rye vodka. My favorite sprit on the rocks.
Reviewer: RN Durham

best vodka on the market, hands down
Reviewer: andrew

The smoothest vodka i've ever had. Definitly top shelf stuff. Try it in a cosmo
Reviewer: eebulwinkle

Turi is one of my new favorites. It hopped on the scene here several months ago and love it. A little sweet, very smooth. ~20 USD Rank it in there with ketel-one and kristall
Reviewer: Terrance Walden

I made the mistake of buying a bottle of this on my brother in laws recommendation: Watching his face wrinkle up (he didn't know what was in the glass)I knew he disliked it as much as I did. For my money, Chopin 1st, Belvedere 2nd and Grey Goose 3rd
Reviewer: Chris

Absolutely amazing vodka. Try the recipies on their website, specifically the Baltic Sea Martini Cocktail. I would recommend this for drinking straight or in a martini over Grey Goose and even Pravada, which I like very much.
Reviewer: Ben

Incredibly smooth. A perfect mixer and great straight with smoked salmon. I also tried it at room temperature and it was still flawless. Congratulations to the Estonians!
Reviewer: AJR

very nice vodka, much better than Chopin and about 10 dollars cheaper, prefer it also to Pearl which is priced similarly...I find a bit of a peppery aftertaste...prefer it straight out of the freezer with a couple of vermouth soaked olives and a dash of olive juice...this one will maintain a spot in my freezer as i continue to sample other super-premiums.
Reviewer: vjg

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