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A heavy aroma and taste. It's adequately smooth, but there is no clean finish here, as the taste and smell seem to linger in the sinuses and on the tongue. It's deservedly inexpensive.
Reviewer: Joe

One of the best out there, and at $30 a bottle it should be. Mix it with 7Up or Orange Juice and you won't even taste it. Be careful with this stuff, cause you might just get off your chair for a refill and need to catch your balance.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

Normally I buy Grey Goose, but now I'm no longer going to ever buy another French product as long as I live, so I checked around and heard good things about Vox. I found they are from the Netherlands, my favorite country outside the U.S., so I thought why not? Well, I am pleased to say this is every bit as good, if not better than Grey Goose! Slightly more pleasant and strong effect, and mixes better than GG! I am now a loyal Vox buyer, no loss on the boycott!
Reviewer: Gean

Vox is a great vodka, very smooth, but the Vox Raspberry is definitely my favorite flavored vodka out there. If you open a bottle, you can smell the raspberry flavor across the room! It is so delicious.
Reviewer: Charlotte

First time drinking Vox. Iwill Definitely buy again. Great taste crisp and no harshness. Me Likey!!!!
Reviewer: Copstas

dangerously smooth! a taste similar to minaral water.crisp, clean and goes down easy.
Reviewer: jake smith

I bought Vox on the suggestion of a friend, and I had a little time on my hands, so I made a martini with it. Upon the first sip, I actually said "WOW!" There is no burn to it, but it still has good vodka taste. I have gone through phases with all of the premium vodkas, Chopin, Grey Goose, Jewel of Russia, Belvedere, and others. This one is far and above the best!
Reviewer: Josh

I was poking around the local ABC store and got a sample bottle of VOX, took it to a friends house and put it on the rocks, and damn was it smooth. My girlfriend and I both loved it. This is one of my new favorites. Was also very smooth straight, with a slight burn, almost like a smokey scotch. Delicious!
Reviewer: Pat

My wife and I think this one (raspberry flavor) is pretty good. As tasty as it might be it runs a little expensive (we got it like $23 on sale, normally runs $30). The raspberry flavor is smooth and tastes quite natural. We save it for special occasions, considering the price more than the taste.
Reviewer: Joe

Good clean vodka, but not much unique to it. For the money, I'd go with something cheaper.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

an excellent vodka. a bottle to keep in your freezer.
Reviewer: Moses

Great Vodka. Very smooth and easily drinkable on the rocks on in a gimlet. Highly recommended. I reserve 5 ratings for only the best, but this is an excellent choice.
Reviewer: Gavin

Not a bad vodka, but seems to be missing something with me. Some may like it, but it just doesn't do it for me.
Reviewer: Jeff

Remember in the "Chinese Connection" when the sambo guy said "three drinks", well after three drinks of this stuff I can give you a review. It has a good smell once you uncork it (not that that means anything). And it is quite smooth at first sip. Next is a very nutty taste, which I dont mind, but from there it gets harsh. From the nutty taste, to the harshness, to the price, I probably wont be buying this vodka again.
Reviewer: jmr

Usually buy GG but just got tired of it. Bought a sample size of Vox and really liked it.Good taste and great inebriation. Half the price of GG and the bottle is a work of art.
Reviewer: Louise Joles

...distilled 5 times, that's enough for me. Tastes great but can be hard to find. Ckout their cool wallpaper apps.
Reviewer: bill

Vox used to be my favorite. I really thought it was the ultimate in taste & smoothness. Sadly, something has gone terribly wrong. They have changed their bottles, and, somehow, the taste. I hate to say it's now horrible, but, compared to how it used to taste...it is! I am so disappointed. It had gotten harder & harder to find, and when I did find it, I would buy cases. Sometime in 2013, my beloved Vox changed completely. I may never recover...
Reviewer: Nancy Kuperman

Super smooth. Blows Grey Goose out of the water, Ha ha
Reviewer: james Reilly

smooth and flavorful, a very unmentioned underrated,value.
Reviewer: dick

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