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White Diamond

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I just tried this in Pittsburgh. It is from Latvian and very smooth with no heavy alcohol smell.
Reviewer: karen

It is crisp no heavy smell better then Smirnoff Im in pgh where can you find this drink.
Reviewer: vanessa

Amazingly smooth, you want to drink it slowly just to feel it longer. I am continually frustrated by an inability to find Latvian vodkas in the USA.
Reviewer: McGroarty

horrible, well vodka. The rest of the people either do not know vodka or work for the company.
Reviewer: Joey B.

This is the best Vodka anyone could drink without all the extra sugar and stuff added at a well price but premium taste. A very nice mineral flavor and smooth taste alone as it is filtered many times over.
Reviewer: Randy Kowalczyk

Funny that everybody seems to be from Pgh, as am I. Absolutly the best. It is ridiculous to pay more than the price of White Diamond when it is certainly in the category of Stoli etc.
Reviewer: Bill

White Diamond is a wonderful vodka; smooth with a little nip at the tongue with a fine finish. Very light, and easy to drink in any kind of martini, or mixed drink.
Reviewer: Giddyup Dave

Makes and excellent vodka martini. This is my go to vodka when I can get it.
Reviewer: Chuck Gesing

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