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Zygo Energy Vodka

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Complex nose with hints of peach, mandarin and juniper. Flavor explodes in the mouth with peach and mandarin notes accentuated. The finish is smooth and the natural flavors stay on the palate for a long time. This product is highly mixable and goes with juices especially cranberry, tonic and apple liqueurs.
Reviewer: K. Wylie

A well made spirit with natural flavors.
Reviewer: K. Wylie

Makes a great cosmopolitan.
Reviewer: Gretchen

This vodka has great flavor, I like it by itself on the rocks, also yummy when you add a splash of peach juice and shake it with ice to serve up a Peach Martini. (I used Wow! Smoothies - Peach, no sugar added from Trader Joes).
Reviewer: ashley

This vodka is pretty much what I expected. It has a substantial, slightly cloying peach flavor, and an odd harsh aftertaste due to the caffeine and yerba mate mixed into it. It's somewhat smooth, but has a bit of bite to it. It's not really suitable for drinking straight, but it mixes pretty well (particularly well into energy drinks). Zygo is pretty obvious in purpose, it's a novelty vodka designed for all night parties, and for that, it fits it's purpose pretty well.
Reviewer: peter

100% solid.
Reviewer: Lameo

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