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Best vodka in the world!
Reviewer: Tom

this is by far the best vodka i have ever tasted. it is so smooth, 5 times distilled and 9 times filtered, does it get any better than that?
Reviewer: pman

Best vodka in the world- way smoother than Grey Goose, Belevedere, Ketel and all the rest!
Reviewer: Robin

Simply amazing.
Reviewer: Brian

I have tried enough vodkas in my time and this one is by far the best. I had to have it shipped here to Maryland because the dont carry it here! They dont realize what they are missing out on. Oh well, more for me!!! Its very smooth no major after taste, and elegant bottling.
Reviewer: Steven

So far, this has been the finest Vodka I have tried. I feel as if I were to visit Russia I would have something similar to this. The fans of the "Grey Goose" fad vodkas as well as the "Sky" and other imitators should try this and realize what good vodka is all about.
Reviewer: bullethead

Lastnight I tried Zyr in our local lounge. The taste was magnificient ad OH!!!!! so SMOOOOOTH! The Russians have done it again. Really, this is THE BEST available now, really!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Super smooth, almost buttery. Great taste of just pure vodka (not too dry or too sweet, with no objectionable tastes). Perfectly neutral smell. Leaves a feeling like a warm afterglow. Truly different than all the rest; dare say, The Finest.
Reviewer: Rob

The best vodka my young lips have tasted. Very smooth, goes down like water from the first sip on.
Reviewer: James LaPorte

Having been to Russia numerous times, and trying many brands, this is my all time favorite. As my Russian wife has proclaimed , this is PERFECT Russian vodka!
Reviewer: Jet

Has become my new favorite! Very well made, smooth, and NO screw on cap to fall off all the time. Seek it out and try it for yourself. Quite yummy.
Reviewer: BCS

By far the finest vodka I have ever tried. This one is best sipped neat. If your looking for a vodka to mix with there are plenty of lesser quality ones out there. If your a true Vodkaphile,then enjoy this one in all of its glory.
Reviewer: John H.

Trully Russian origin and clean presentation. As far as taste just very hard to give 5 stars. 4.1 maybe Standart for me is a better Russian vodka with true Europian character and taste
Reviewer: Serge

most delicious liquid that i've ever tasted. there is very little burn but a strong vodka taste. absolutely recommend this
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

This is the smoothest and most delicious vodka I have ever tasted. No need to mix..just drink neat. The very best I have come across. Excellent!!
Reviewer: Randi Mauro

Recommended by chance at a local liquor store. Disliked Grey Goose the last few times I tasted it. Found this one fantastic. Has turned me on to Vodka again.
Reviewer: Jason

Extremely smooth when chilled. Very little bite.
Reviewer: Kevin

This may be the smoothest vodka I have ever tried. It is filtered 9 tines, distilled 5 and tasted 3. The initial taste is extremely smoot with absolutely no after bite
Reviewer: R.Entner

Smooth as silk from start to finish. The best balance of any vodka I have ever tasted. Best of the best.
Reviewer: Rev Raisen

I love it straight up. I don't even need to chase it. Very smooooooth.
Reviewer: Sveta

Allow me to burst your bubbles a bit. A couple of people I know have said good things about this vodka, so I tried it. Very clean and smooth going down, very mild burn. However, I did not like the bitter aftertaste. There are other top-shelf vodkas I'd choose over this one, like Chopin, and several lower shelf vodkas that are better than this. One star off for the aftertaste, and another for the high, top-shelf price.
Reviewer: Jason

Probably the smoothest, most balanced vodka I've ever had. Almost sweet, Zyr is amazing. I've only been to a handful of bars that carry Zyr; more should carry it because it is clearly one of the best vodkas in the world (based on my opinion and on the opinion of people on this site!).
Reviewer: Tom

Highly recommended at Red Square in Las Vegas. Great looking bottle that makes me thirsty. High toned nose with citrus and botanicals. Smacks the palate with vodka flavor and big on the finish. Tastes more Baltic than Russian, but no complaints here.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Excellent tasting Vodka chilled straight up. One of the best I have tasted. Very authentic Russian taste that is smooth all they way through. A bit pricey @ $32, but you get what you pay for here. Hand down better than the Goose.
Reviewer: Michael

Went to liquer store looking for Imporia clerk recommended this . love it.
Reviewer: tjwhite

Finally had a chance try Zyr while visiting friends in Wisconsin this summer (it's not available where I live in Canada) and it lives up to the hype - very smooth and full bodied vodka with minimal after burn. It's in my top five!
Reviewer: Mark

It just doesn't get any better for everyday consumption or special events. Smooth, premium flavor, notable burn and neutral aftertaste. Price is irrelevant as you'll drop only a few bucks more for the great flavor of this winter wheat beauty .
Reviewer: BigMike

Best Vodka ever. When someone from Russia tells you that you should drink it. Take their word for it, DRINK IT!!!!!
Reviewer: Rich

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