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Country: USADistilled from: CornCompany: Phillips Products Company
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Excellent American made vodka! The nose is a beautiful nutty neutral smell. But the body is naturally thick and tasty, sort of like a powdered sugar fruit followed by a light vanilla fade on the wonderful finish. I love vodka, but I really love UV!!!!! Oh, did I say smooooooooth too. Remember what I said about American made vodkas, this like all is 100% naturally made, NO junk added like most imports. Priced great also.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Excellent distillate, a pleasure to savor!
Reviewer: Richard

OK for flavor and smoothness, but a little overpriced. Its actually made by the same company and 4x distilled the same way as Phillips Vodka, but is about 2x the price.
Reviewer: Jimmyman

Great vodka, so smooth!!!!!!
Reviewer: Debbie

this...is one fine vodka.$10.95 where I come from.the price stuns me.low for such high quality.one of my fave vodkas.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

An excellent 4 times distilled Vodka....and for a U.S. Vodka it is good for sipping. Would give it a 4.5 overall. Price wise, you can't get much better.
Reviewer: Art Douglas

UV is a classic high school vodka and the flavored varieties are great for those who like a sugary hangover the next day.
Reviewer: Brennan

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