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Blackstone Vodka

Reviews to date: 11Average score: 3
Country: CanadaDistilled from: grainCompany: Ravinder Minhas
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From the same company that does Minhas beers comes an equally dreadful Vodka, I finally found a Vodka that rivals Russian Prince as the worst vodka i've ever had. burn, no flavor, after burn, negative after taste. nothing redeeming about it. sure it's cheap, I'm betting it will lay you out the next day too. I didn't want to find it, but at a liquor show I sampled this prior to launch in this province and good thing it was only 1/2 a shot. you've all been warned.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Hmmm..... I can only think that the other reviewer of Blackstone must work for another distilling company. Both my ex wife and current girlfriend have raved about the smoothness of this product. As a rye drinker, I rarely indulge in "white" drinks but have sampled a few shots of this super smooth wheat product. Bottom line..... We love it!
Reviewer: greyscotty

I was in the first group to tour the new Minhaus distillery in Monroe, WI. The tour included a bottle of Blackstone and to be honest, I like it as much as any vodka I've ever had. Price is right too!
Reviewer: geoblack

Good vodka for a good price.
Reviewer: Schoolboy

i had a taste of this vodka while at minhas i was suprised it tasted to me like moonshine and i bought 2 bottles of it and this will be the only vodka ill buy koodoos to minhas
Reviewer: jerry

bought it here in Alberta Canada for $20, still was a good deal for these parts
Reviewer: mike

I have drank a many bottles of Vodka in my day, and this stuff is garbage. The worst I have tried. Of course Minhas would sell such cheap crap, anything for a dollar. Only someone who drinks Vodka once in awhile would find the burn and household product taste of this stuff acceptable. Might use it to clean my toilet.
Reviewer: Cyrus

I think this is a very fine vodka and a reasonable price. Too bad you can't buy it anywhere other than Monroe, at least that I have found. I still drive the 1.5 hour trip to buy it as it is smooth and makes very nice gimlets.
Reviewer: Eileen

This remains terrible and has been delisted due to poor sales. All 4-5 star reviews were done by people that only reviewed one vodka on this site. Minhas makes some of the worst beer available and calls themselves a "craft" brewery. What makes anyone think their vodka would be anything but crap?
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Wonderful stuff. Just tried Blackstone. Folks- why are we drinking vodka? For the taste? Get real.
Reviewer: Paul Johnston

This Vodka isn't particularly great. No great flavours, and it burns, but that isn't the reason you're getting blackstone. It's cheap, usually less than anything else, and it's 45% ABV (technically 44.9% I know). The higher than average alcohol level and very cheap price is likely why you're buying blackstone, and for that its great. It gets you where you "need to be" in terms is alcohol and is very cheap on top of it. In that role, It is a great vodka for all you cheap vodka needs.
Reviewer: Josh

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