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its has a semi stong smell but taste better than the smell. A hint of vanilla and a medium burn, by what I have tasted its goes like this, 3vodka,ultimate,greygoose,belvider,shakers
Reviewer: Vitali

LOVE IT! The best vodka I've ever had.
Reviewer: Heather

Couldn't ask for more, what a great product!!! No carbs, no sugar and great taste.
Reviewer: Omar

The best vodka ever. Distilled from soy with zero carbs. The first vodka to recieve a flawless 100 points from the International Beverage Alcohol Testing
Reviewer: Qwest

Awful. You might as well drink grass.
Reviewer: Rich

Ultra Smooth! Finally, a vodka that stands alone. It may not have the well-known brand name, but it will. I tired it about a month ago and haven't had another vodka since!
Reviewer: Omar

Quite possibly, finest tasting spirit ever produced by mankind.
Reviewer: Orion Brooks Clardy

It's distilled from Soy. I have to say I was intrigued in a morbid sort of way. I've never liked the jello-looking soy chunks, but I've recently liked edamame pretty well. They have a trendy look and a trendy website. Someone or other taste tester rated it a perfect 100 - which of course probably means absolutely nothing. They also have a long list of tasters raving about it on their website. I didn't expect it to be the perfect vodka, but I did expect it to be a bit different from other vodkas, and at around $20, I figured I would try it. It's fairly smooth, but with just a tad more unusual flavor than most. If you imagine edamame while tasting it, the flavor is rather similar. But in vodka I found this was just a bit disconcerting. The first time I tried it I thought it was pretty good, but just a little too odd and unsettling. The second time I tried it confirmed this. But even stranger, after drinking it the second time, I had a strange sort of slick, metallic, sour flavor and texture on the roof of my mouth. This lasted quite a while - I even thought it was still there the next day. So all in all, interesting idea, interesting to have tasted it, but I can't recommend it...
Reviewer: Julian

Have been drinking martinis longer than I care to remember(at least one a day). This is the smoothest I have ever experienced, period.
Reviewer: joseph

Distinctive and interesting. One of the few vodkas I can reliably pick out of a dozen in a blind taste test. An intruiguing hint of soy and herbs on the nose and the palate. Very smooth, but almost unpleasantly sweet. Not a workhorse vodka, but nice straight up when I want a change.
Reviewer: theabsrd

Very gross! Tastes more like a after dinner liquor, poor at that. I cannot imagine putting any kind of garnish in this, ie , olives,etc. Very dissaponting.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

I was surprised how smooth this vodka is. It seems people either love it or hate it but nothing in this price range comes close.
Reviewer: Mik

I had very high expectations for this spirit. Great bottle and packaging, but as far as Vodka goes this is more like a Grappa. The smoothness is there, but so is the vegital flavor of something close to grape stems. Reminds me of a dry Sauvignon Blanc meeting a better potato vodka. Sorry, I won't purchase this one again.
Reviewer: J

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