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Country: EnglandDistilled from: PotatoesCompany: Chase Distillery
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A premium priced Vodka that's actually worthy. I tend to really scrutinize the higher priced vodkas because frankly (pardon the sidney frank pun) premium vodkas to date have been a huge let down. this is a potatoe vodka so i benchmarked it against Luksusowa (poland) and Zodiac (america) this product is glassy smooth with a creamy mouthfeel with a slight starchy smell. tasting notes instantly say potatoe with a mildly sweet finish. definately delightful just on its own. it would be a waste to mix this.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

I had the opportunity to try this Vodka alongside three other top-shelf potato vodkas. I should have bought it but the only stock was gone after I waited too long to buy it - it is HARD to find this in North America. In terms of any burn or bad taste, they're simply not there, much like Chopin or Luksusowa; It starts with an impact like an iron fist in a velvet glove and ends smooth. But unlike them, there's definitely creamy, earthly potato flavor coming through that lingers long after every sip. According to the website they sought this experience out, and they've done well.
Reviewer: Miles

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