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Country: Minnesota, USADistilled from: WheatCompany: Skaalvenn distillery
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Finally, a vodka from my home state that's made from the right stuff! This is an organic Wheat vodka, unlike the surging tidal waves of corn-based vodka that make up every other option here. In the old country, if it's not made from Rye, Wheat or Potatoes it's not vodka, and I heartily agree. On the nose, this is one of the strongest smelling vodkas I've ever encountered - it's surging waves of boozy, sugary cream, like marzipan or sugarcane locked in booze. The flavor is just as strong, and just as delicious - this is a full-bodied, barely-filtered pile of magic almost approaching a wheat-and-beetsugar white rum. This will probably turn off people who want something more clean or crisp, but their subjective opinions are objectively wrong. The burn going down starts of smooth and subtle, but crescendos to something magically powerful - impressively little, for how obviously unfiltered and barely-distilled this is. Overall, this is unmistakably something modern and new, despite the old-world ingredients and process - it might have too much flavor or sweetness for some, but for me, it's both refreshingly unique and reassuringly old-school. It's hard to find under-distilled vodkas even in Europe, and until today I thought it completely impossible to get one made within ten minutes of my home. Good job, Minnesota!
Reviewer: Sam W.

It was priced and located near the with the higher end vodka's, just smell alone was awful and after one shot it went down the drain.
Reviewer: Raj

Best value on the shelf! I used to buy the more expensive ones, but a friend told me about Skaalvenn and now it's the only thing we buy. It's actually great by itself, and even better mixed!
Reviewer: Jenny

I got to try this at a liquor store and I bought two bottles! Good stuff!
Reviewer: Craig

My favorite
Reviewer: Kswill42

Had a bottle of Skaalvenn vodka while on vacation in Minnesota. It's like Belvedere only $10 less expensive. Now if only they sold it in Texas.
Reviewer: Curtis Paulson

I love to support local businesses. However, this vodka smells like wet towels and tastes like someone made a Bloody Mary and didn't totally wash the shaker. It's disgusting. So disappointed.
Reviewer: Angie

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