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Banff Ice

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very clean, not to mention crisp.
Reviewer: allan inkster

The best Vodka I have ever tasted - very smooth. Great for and vodka drink.
Reviewer: Adam

banff is a great town right in the rockies, .. fresh taste and im not really a vodka drinker.
Reviewer: tony starks

Smoothest Vodka I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. May lack the character some are looking for for a martini vodka but for everythin else this vodka is superb
Reviewer: Corey

very smooth vodka, no burn to it at all, drink frozen on ice and it is amazing, rich flavour but smooth, very easy drinking, easily better than grey goose and almost half the price, great value with this bottle, I live 80 km from banff, and I read the reviews on here so I tried it and im glad I did, will get it again
Reviewer: jeremy s

Every little bit as good as Stoli if not better. If you're Canadian, buy it over anything that isn't 'top shelf' and support Canadian Vodka.
Reviewer: mmmmmmmmike

Really good, smooth and easy to drink. Highly recommended. Mixed a flask of it with a 2L pepsi and it still tasted good! Get a flask of this and a 2L of pop and you're good to go!
Reviewer: kupop0w

ok, all 5 star posters to date have reviewed only ONE vodka, this one... let me bring ya'll up to reality. it's one notch above alberta pure, but it's more expensive... and AB Pure is pretty rough. banff ice is not super smooth and has an afterburn that proves it, it lacks the characteristic flavor notes of classics like Stoli Gold and russian standard which are superior for the same price point. it's decent no doubt and better than alberta pure. i like supporting canadian, but i will not buy this product again because significantly better product is available for the same dollar.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Mediocre. Couldn't distinguish it from its chief local competitor Alberta Pure. The distillate is harsh and smells strongly of heads and wood glue (this is the first part of the spirit that comes out of a still, usually containing products other than alcohol in a not good way).
Reviewer: miles

This won blind taste test against the best. Smoothest and most consistent liquor I have ever had over and over again.
Reviewer: Daryl Breese

I had this straight, how I usually drink vodka, it's oily and just dones't go down smooth, Russian Standard and Stoli are much better for the same money, especially when buying in Canada, since our booze is so expensive to begin with.
Reviewer: Sam Smith

Banff Ice is cheap vodka that has been well filtered. You can't make cheap vodka into good vodka. Its still just cheap vodka.
Reviewer: Maritimer

It is much like other AB Distilleries products, good, but nothing special. Certainly better than Smirnoff, Absoulut and such not as good as Russian Std, Ketel ! etc. In Ontario, Canada, this is a great value for the money.
Reviewer: Jim

This is the most awesome vodka ever!!!! I'm drinking it right now and it's going down smooth as silk.
Reviewer: Richard Bootliquor

this vodka is very good, i would rate it just behind chopin, finlandia and russian standard. unique but very likeable taste
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

The vodka has too strong of a tail and an extremely medicinal scent.
Reviewer: Jake

not sure what i was thinking. 8 months later and banff ice drops to a 3 star. so many other better vodka's out there i would bother with this anymore. funky taste i loved at first but loath now.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

You would think locally distilled stuff would be affordable, but I forgot that slapping the name Banff on something results in a 300% markup. Hence that Banff Park Gate Resort in Deadman's Flats, far from the Park gates. I live in Canmore, ten miles from Banff, and I have yet to experience anything Banff-related which justifies the price. This VERY average, slightly foul-tasting, hangover-inducing vodka is yet another example. I paid a premium to try this local product and I, along with my two friends, decided that it's not a premium product, Sorry guys, it's just not good.
Reviewer: Joe N.

I drink vodka almost exclusively, either on the rocks or with a splash of soda water. This has been my best experience so far....no burn and a very clean flavor profile, nearly odorless. This is all I buy now.
Reviewer: James

Worst hangover imaginable. I was wiped out for 36 hours. Stick with Stolichnaya.
Reviewer: Kris

I expected more. After drinking vodkas like Iceberg, or Finlandia (for the same price) this one just doesn't measure up. Pay a few dollars more to get a big jump in quality.
Reviewer: Mav 221

To date, my favourite Canadian Vodka. Fantastic iced alone ... Or, replace ice with frozen strawberries and a splash of oj and a squeeze of fresh lime.. Dangeroux!! add to iced coffee with almond milk and a hint of hazelnut extract. fantastic!!
Reviewer: Holly

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