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Reviews to date: 45Average score: 4
Country: PolandDistilled from: Stobrawa potatoesCompany: Millenium Imports
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This is the vodka that got me drinking vodka again. Mixes excellently in fruit-based beverages, tastes wonderful straight and is pleasing at either room temperature or frozen. A very distinctively flavored liquor.
Reviewer: Chad Johnson

I found this vodka to be harsh and bold. Definately not my style and not worth the price. My tastes prefer Vox or Fris.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

Very smooth, no after-taste. A wonderful drink.
Reviewer: Jeffrey

not a bad vodka but at above $35 not worth it. Good taste but, burns on the way down. Nice that it is made out of potatoes.
Reviewer: Brad S.

GREAT! A masterpiece of a vodka period. I rate this as the best I've ever had yet, and I had them all just about. This brand is sure to please anyone who really knows their stuff!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Extremely creamy, with an amazingly smooth finish. Easily the best vodka I've tasted. Vodka bottles are very beautiful, but all too often the vodka itself doesn't hold up. This one is even better than the bottle looks.
Reviewer: Pete Balistrieri

Very good vodka, well worth the price. Very smooth, and no aftertaste. Tastes great on the rocks or shaken with vermouth for a martini. Would definitely recommend this.
Reviewer: Chuck

I have to rate this vodka extremely highly. It is expensive, but it is also definitely a cut above the cheaper vodkas out there.
Reviewer: Sean

I have to agree with the earlier reviewers, Chopin is excellent and well worth the price.
Reviewer: Matthew

Chopin is the vodka to drink if you are having it served neat or in a traditional martini. It has a lot of taste and the potato comes through. Not the vodka to use if you're into Cosmo's because it has too much flavor. Very smooth, and my preferred "shooting" vodka.
Reviewer: Nises

A soft and gentle flavor. Much like Chopin's music. Top 10 Vodka on the Market
Reviewer: G. Zagaja

My personal favorite vodka to date. It is silky smooth, has a good flavor with just the right amount of bite, and an almost sweet aftertaste to it. Excellent presentation as well.
Reviewer: Josh

OK, but I've had much better. There are many better grain based vodkas (Shakers, Ketel One, Finlandia), and if you really want an excellent potato vodka, Luksosowa wipes the floor with this stuff.
Reviewer: chris

This vodka held my #1 spot for a while. It is very smooth and flavorful, possessing an almost sweet aftertaste. However, it does have a high degree of burn. It was recently dethroned by Vox, which has the same strong flavor, but no burn. Chopin is still among my favorites, however.
Reviewer: Josh

Chopin is still the best potato vodka I have tasted. I've heard people say it's overpriced and not worth the money compared to Luksusowa, but for the extra $10 I'd take it any day. It has a unique potato taste when it first hits your palette - something I haven't found in other potato vodkas. It's either a love it or hate it taste I think - but I happen to love it. Creamy and full potato flavor. Always has a place in my freezer.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

I agree with many of the other reviewers. I think this is a great vodka, but there are better out there.
Reviewer: Gavin

It's the Polish Vodka that the Czar would be drinking! Hands down my favorite for the past 8 years and still #1 in my collection!
Reviewer: Ray Woodka

Just like Campbells soup. MMM MMM good.
Reviewer: Jason Roman

ok but i've found others that are cheaper that i prefer better...a bit of an oily mouthfeel and a bit of harshness at the back of the throat on swallow. i did enjoy it a bit more as i got to the tail end of the bottle, so in all fairness i probably should try it again before reviewing...however, i find that i like Turi better and it is 10 dollars cheaper and there are so many other options to explore!
Reviewer: vjg

I admit I expected more from this Vodka. For my tastes this Vodka just doesn't do it for me. It has a bit more roughness to it's finish than I prefer. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a little kick, it's just that for around the same price I could have bought Belvedare, Armadale, Grey etc, and have been much happier. I guess this is what you should expect when tasting Vodkas, it's all about trial and error. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. Though, I don't think this Vodka is garbage at all it's just not my bag.
Reviewer: Matthew

I have grown quite attached to this brand. Everyone that I have seeing trying one of my many bottles of chopin have found it revolutionary. The taste is smooth but specific, and if im in the mood, no other will suffice
Reviewer: Kevin Sheehan

if you drink it straight out of the freezer it's very smooth and tasty - just like drinking potato juice.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Oily mouthfeel. Midpalate, this turns harsh and metallic. I prefer the cheaper Luksusowa for a Polish potato vodka. One of my least favorite vodkas at any price point.
Reviewer: John

My personal favorite. I enjoy on special occasions (Luksosawa being my every-day vodka).
Reviewer: Jeff

Most enjoyable. Least after effects
Reviewer: jennifer

Rich nose, full of lemon zest and spice, dazzling citrus, coriander, starch and light black olive tasting notes, medium-long sweet finish. What can be said, an excellent entry for the oft overlooked potatoe vodka category, certainly quality for price marry quite comfortably here.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Oh, so very smooth, hardly any burn, aftertaste is not unpleasant. Probably the best potato vodka out there, and probably the best top-shelf vodka that I have tried in the price range of the ubiquitous Grey Goose.
Reviewer: Jason

Great potato vodka. Great aroma. Very smooth!
Reviewer: John

Excellent! Tastes great - smooth, creamy, a little sweet - you can taste the potato. I saw others felt a burn, none for me. No after-taste, very clean. Perfect.
Reviewer: Joe Scott

One of the best top-shelf vodkas on the market. Smooth, minimal bite. Aromas of bread/yeast on the nose. I would have given this 5 stars 3 years ago...but the prices have just crept up over and over, to the point that I no longer consider it a GG/Belevedere competitor. I go to Zyr or similar now (in the $28-32/750 price point).
Reviewer: Tom

Not as smooth as the reviews promised - it does burn, though only mildly - but certainly with character, and smoother than most. You could probably get completely smashed on this and not feel bad at all the next day, but it's not the kind of vodka you'd be serving in that environment at nearly $40 at most places.
Reviewer: Miles

This is the perfect vodka period!
Reviewer: Dave

Wanted to compare potato vodka to grain so I got Chopin and Ketel One. I did notice a difference. But I didnt really like this vodka. Not because it's made from potatoes, but it seemed harsh. Plus for the money wasnt worth it.
Reviewer: jmr

A brilliant vodka. Slightly oily at first (to be expected with a potato based vodka) which undercuts the mild, characteristic burn perfectly. Balanced, pure, and no aftertaste whatsoever.
Reviewer: TK

It's art in a bottle, great taste, great flavors and this oily aspect typical to potatoe Vodka. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Arriflex

Clean, smooth, delicious, amazing. I recommend this vodka to all. The only downside is this can be kind of pricey so if your going to add with overpowering mixes it's a waste.
Reviewer: Mike Izmaylov

This Vodka is very very good. Best served frigid neat with a touch of purified water to mellow that infamous Vodka sting. Very smooth, great semi-sweet finish. I intend to keep a bottle in my freezer at all times.
Reviewer: Eric

When a Polish friend gave me a bottle of Zubrowka Bison-Grass vodka, I thought it was absolutely heavenly but when she later gave me a bottle of Chopin vodka, I struggled to drink it. It was awful. The smell and the taste. If the only reason was to get drunk on a Friday night, I'd stay sober.
Reviewer: Stephen Ogley

Great on the rocks. Smooth finish. Best Vodka I have tasted to date.
Reviewer: Rafael

i thought russian standard was good, but this one blew me away. best vodka i have ever had
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Very smooth with light hints of vanilla and oak
Reviewer: Garrett

Received as a birthday gift from a non-drinking friend who didn't need it anymore. What a champ! Pours thick and luminescent - almost sparkling. Smells unbelievably clean and cool, like fresh snowmelt. The taste is complex, decadent, and lovely; there's notes of anise, fennel, radish, and quality clay, with a thick, starchy body and a very light grapefruit-like finish. The burn from this one is barely one at all, but is more like a steaming, smoldering discharge of sweet and slightly spicy alcohol with more of the radish notes. Take notes, trendy quadruple-distilling corn mash heathens - this is REAL vodka, made right and you can clearly taste the difference. It's brimming with character, of a lightness and subtlety that's hard to convey in words. Do yourself a favor and give this a try next time your budget allows!
Reviewer: Sam W.

I have tried this in the past and my wife recently bought a bottle while we were on vacation. I hate to say but simply can not drink this vodka. Had it with craft tonic fever Tree and lime. Metallic smell or rotten egg smell and a mildewed finish. Not what you want in a vodka. Will not buy again especially since the previous bottle a standard Kettle One.
Reviewer: John

As of September 2021....Chopin is the best vodka...Period!!!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

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