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Black Vodka! A small English variety of vodka, I highly recommend it to everyone. The black color comes from the herb black catechu which adds little to the taste and removes the burn in the aftertaste. The result is a very smooth and refined beverage, if a bit odd in color. Mixing drinks with Blavod is a challenge as the color of the liquor does not lend itself to many fruit-based mixed drinks (e.g. screwdrivers). Vodka-crans are a notable exception and Blavod with cranberry juice makes a stunning looking and tasting drink. The official website is at http://www.blavod.com .
Reviewer: Chad Johnson

OK, I'll admit. I bought this one simply because it's black, and that looked cool to me. I expected a really nasty vodka, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually a decent Vodka.
Reviewer: mikehell

Vile. The only reason it gets a 2 is because of the novelty colour.
Reviewer: Erik

A smooth Vodka, with the next to no burn, Van Hoo beats this vodka on taste, but the unique selling point of being black adds a star.
Reviewer: Ben Cummins

I'm working in Nyagan, Siberia.... so as a result have been drinking much vodka. while out and about town, I had noticed a black vodka and it's name. A check on the internet showed it to be English. Surpring on its own, let alone finding it on sale out here. About three times the price of good local vodkas so hadn't tried it. While marooned at Khanty airport for 4 hours with a Russian workmate, he ordered some of the blabk stuff. He was insiting how wonderful it was and when I told him it was Englsh he refused to believe it. He even bet me 500 roubles, which I won once he'd taken a look at the back of the bottle. Made in London. I got stuck into it aswell and can say it is excellent. Very very smooth without being bland or tasteless. Yes, the colour is cool too. Coops ps NOONE here puts their Vodka in the freezer. Lives in the fridge - chilled is good, frozen is not.
Reviewer: coops

Blavod vodka, I like most fell into the black vodka trap. The taste is not so smooth I does have a bit of a bite to it. It makes a very interesting mixer the fact that you can stack it in your glass. The mane reason that I blavod a 3 I because of the hang over. I really think that the better the vodka the lesser the hangover and blavod gave me one of the worst I have in a long time. In the end fun conversation drive at the bar but no longer keep it at home.
Reviewer: Kevin Winslow

I was bought Blavod as a present (must be all the metal I listen to) and enjoyed it most as a mixer. Makes a shockingly fun "toxic waste green" when added to orange juice! On it's own it's still nice enough- a spicy/herby flavour that's quite sweet. I never drank too much on it's own as I was worried about it making my teeth go black...But I needn't have worried. But is it really a 'vodka' or a liquer?
Reviewer: Jon Lopez

Very Smooth for a $25 bottle. Don't Let the Black Coloring fool you. Tastes wonderful straight up in a blind-taste. Just exquisite mixed in a Cherry-Cranberry Cocktail.
Reviewer: Jeffrey

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