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Blue Ice

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Potato vodka, very nice, very smooth.
Reviewer: Jeanne Aranha

I think this Potato Vodka from the Northwest US is definitely better than the likes of Stoli and Ketel. Smoother, creamier and less $. Definitely a notable difference
Reviewer: Rick

Potato Vodka Par Excellance! Extremely smooth, satisfying, wonderful.
Reviewer: John Sergochnikoff

My new favorite!!!! Awesome!
Reviewer: Doug Conrady

smooth, nice full flavor. my favorite, if I can find it I buy as many bottles as I can.
Reviewer: Mark Palmquist

Its kinda new around my parts but its very clean smooth mixes very well.
Reviewer: rodell

crisp, full bodied texture with a very light and smooth finish. No specific aromas. Attractive bottle, great Vodka, good for any event.
Reviewer: Andy Ingalls

excellent tasting vodka, one of the best i've ever tried, albeit somewhat rare
Reviewer: jonny blase

A good, solid potato vodka. Very smooth and clean without loosing any of the creaminess found in potato vodkas. However, there really isn't anything noteworthy about the aroma or taste for me to give it 5 starts. Good potato vodka for the money.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

I did my own taste test of potato vodkas. Included in my selections were Chopin, Lukusowa. I also added Sobieski. I was pleasantly surprised that Blue Ice won easily. It was notably smoother and crisper than the other candidates. I would also compare it favorably with Belvedere and Grey Goose. It was nice to find an American product that easily outstripped foreign competition. The only foreign competitor which I would rate close is Swedish Kristall. While I have not yet tried Russian Crystal, I pllan to do so soon.
Reviewer: Jim

One of the only real vodkas produced anywhere in the world and certainly in the US, that is actually made from potatoes, as all vodkas should be. It is much more expensive to make a good vodka from potatoes, but the taste is unbeatable and historically authentic.
Reviewer: Jen

Taste tested this along with Stoli and UV. The UV didn't compete with the others, as expected. Blue Ice had NO odor, vs Stoli's antiseptic odor. Stoli was cleaner first, but left an aftertaste that Blue Ice did not have.
Reviewer: HB Stone

SMOOOOOOOOOOOOTH, my girlfriend and i have only purchased grey goose for a year now. she will only drink grey goose at bars etc.....snobe city. vons had blue ice on sale so we tried it. i could not believe the smoothness and clean taste of the vodka. she was actually very impressed as well. for the money this vodka is excellent
Reviewer: blackout

Very tasty vodka, however, for as much ice as I had in my glass, this stuff still had a slight burn going on. For the money, go with Zodiac vodka.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Disregard the last review! I did not have Blue Ice in my glass. Now I do and this is simply the greatest vodka I've ever tried!!!!!!!! Smooth, nose of slight vanilla, citrus. Tastes of powdered sugar dusting over really great buttered potatoes. Thick and a little oily, coating with a light lingering aftertaste. Best neat, on the rocks or chilled. Use something else for mixing!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Weird taste
Reviewer: Joe

I really wanted to try a potato vodka. What a mistake. This taste like some moonshine I had one time. If you like a bite then you might like this.
Reviewer: Pam

For a long time I've been looking for American Vodka made with potatoes. Blue Ice is the best liquor, and I will only drink this and nothing else, besides Yukon Jack. This has pretty much no smell, no taste, no burn, and no bad after taste like most grain-made Vodka's and whiskies. I can guzzle Blue Ice without that bad burn. I rate this liquor a 5/5 A+.
Reviewer: Ak907

This is the smoothest and best tasting Vodka, and hard liquor I ever tasted. No other liquor can compare to Blue Ice when it comes to everything you're looking for, and this has no hang over like other Vodka and liquor. It also takes less comsumption to get a good buzz compared to how much you have to drink from other 80 proofs to get a good buzz. I drink straight, and only straight, except a cup of water after every shot or 2. It is a dream come true; I found my drink. I can drink a bottle or 2, and never wake up with a hang over, just a slight thirst and half shot. Friends and family in Ak never seen Blue Ice (I won't tell how I get my stuff, I got the connection from down states) and they say this is the best drink they ever had. Few friends got a little jealous of my Blue Ice when they were buzzing from it, and threatened to turn me in, for what? Lol. I get so much Blue Ice, I gave them a bottle to black out and they shut up and passed out. If my cousin from New Chaplino, Russia were here, I know he would've fall in love with Blue Ice. He is a major Vodka lover, and he only drinks straight like me. Altough he is used to drinking 96%/192 proof spotted seal vodka, I know he would get wasted off Blue Ice.
Reviewer: Ak907

A vodka fit for the Gods! Pure, smooth, perfect! Need I say more?
Reviewer: Kyle Barron

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