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Great vodka for mixed drinks and the price. Who mixes 50 dollar grey goose with bloody mary mix? That would make you a bloody idiot.
Reviewer: carl

not bad for its price, the orange flavor is pretty weak, but all in all it's great for mixing since it is cheap.
Reviewer: Omni

For the price, it can't be beat. As smooth, and in some cases smoother, than top-shelfers. Regular is good, Raspberry is excellent.
Reviewer: Shalott

After discovering Burnett's at Trader Joe's, I cut my "everyday vodka" cost in half at only $5.99 a bottle, you can't beat it. But then, sitting right next to it on the shelf was a bottle of Vasa Vodka for $6.99...which is the smoothest vodka I've ever had at that price point. Check it out!
Reviewer: mark sanders

Burnett's tastes good when mixed, particularly the flavored vodkas. It is also very reasonably priced. On the downside, it is very bitter as a shooter, and it is the worst for hangovers out there. I've never drank Burnett's without getting a hangover.
Reviewer: Bryan Jones

Best vodka for the money. The price is cheap, but the quality is very good. Try it out.
Reviewer: Tony

For a cheap vodka it's pretty good. We tried the Pink Lemonade and it's actually not bad straight up as a shot if it's been chilled.

was the worst vodka i have ever drank, made me feel like crap immediately after drinking just a couple of shots. Made me very ill. I would not recommend it to anyone.
Reviewer: Cheryl Fuller

i love it
Reviewer: krista

Got my first hangover thanks to this stuff. Tastes like medicine but mixing it is good. I literally drank the typical amount I drink and got the normal amount of drunk, but spent my entire morning throwing up, which included having to pull over multiple times to throw up on my hour and a half drive to work this morning. I would not recommend this, and am honestly surprised with what good reviews it has. I am not a frequent drinker, and I am a light weigh, but two drinks and one shot never fucks me up and this stuff did.
Reviewer: margaret

Tried this when looking for a cheap but not bottom-most shelf vodka 2 use 4 mixing. Found it good for the price. Usually bought it for $9-11 / 1.75 liter bottle at T-wine. I now live in a smaller city and here it's usually sold around $18 for a 1.75 and I opt 2 spend a few more dollars 2 get something "better". Bought the ever-living crap out of it though for a couple years. Tried some of the flavored versions and the only one I cared for is the vanilla.
Reviewer: Buck Buttafuocco

Most always drink that other kind that costs more then twice as much. Burnetts at Rite Aid is $10.99 for 1.75 l. I had heard it was good for the price and it is! Will difinely buy more. To make coffee liquors and infussed flavors this really a very good vodka.
Reviewer: Bob

Wine of any sort kick starts migraine headache for me. Husband bought me this vodka and, so far, no headache. I've tried the orange flavored. I'll also try other flavors.
Reviewer: Vickey

This vodka is a staple for underage college students, and that's saying something. Spend a couple dollars extra to get a better vodka if you're wanting to have a drink or a shot that doesn't taste like rubbing alcohol.
Reviewer: Dzuliana

The greatest vodka ever. Orange goes down like water and is a great mixer. Blue raspberry is also very good and tastes just like candy and also mixes very well with lemonade. can not speak high enough of brunets. It is greatness in a bottle.
Reviewer: Josh

Horrible drink.Vomited and migraine after just one small drink. Pour it down the sink. Do not buy it.
Reviewer: Jose

Smooth and distilled 4 times if its true. .Probably so . Great price and American Made !
Reviewer: Scott Amorde

Rough and with a pretty harsh afterburn. Mixing vodka only. Sad because I like some of the other Heaven Hill brands.
Reviewer: Dave G.

It gets you very drunk for a low price but is very rough on your stomach.
Reviewer: Dustin

Gives you diarrhea and horrible heart burn and stomach problems. Never again. Spend more for better. Stuff should be pulled from the shelves.
Reviewer: Jay

The sour Apple brunettes is absolutely Disgusting the Apple and the pineapple you can barely taste and it goes down nice and smooth the other ones are discussed
Reviewer: Aron b

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