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Smoother than Grey Goose, which had been my favorite. The vikings would be proud.
Reviewer: Greg Fenniman

The best vodka I've ever had. This is much better than Grey Goose, although it is slightly pricier. I recommend this vodka -- I hope it gets the hype it deserves.
Reviewer: martin jajow

I have never tasted a better vodka in my life. I've been exposed to a wide variety of vodkas as a bartender but nothing as smooth as this. Add in the fact that it can be had for under $30 in many places just puts it over the top.
Reviewer: Josh

Excellent taste and purity. My new favorite.
Reviewer: Matt

Got a bottle for my birthday. I'm a Grey Gooser usually but this is my new favorite. Very smooth/clean taste.
Reviewer: Nixoloco

I was a confirmed Grey Goose martini guy, until I tried Christiania Vodka on my last cruise. It was so much smoother than Grey Goose. Now, if I can only find a store that carries it on Long Island.
Reviewer: Harold

Nice and clean package. Smooth enough to justify the price( i think), but as far as better then Goose - not sure.
Reviewer: schistov@yahoo.com

If i pay $12 a martini dry Grey Goose will still do. Just to many "over-distilled" almost tastless vodkas are out their. Do we need another one?
Reviewer: Jack

a very delicious and very smooth vodka. tastes the way vodka should taste.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Simply the smoothest, crispest vodka I have ever had. Pricy? Yes. But the best don't come cheap.
Reviewer: Matt

I liked this vodka a lot because it's one of the smoothest. The bottle looks so lovely and the taste is so pure.
Reviewer: John

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