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Dry Fly

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A fantastic made in Washington by some cool craft distillers. These guys make it from local wheat. $32.00 per 750.. flavors of Butterscotch and chocolate. I would not ruin this vodka with olives.
Reviewer: Frederick K.

Dry Fly Recently won the 2009 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco scoring both Best Vodka dn a Double Gold Medal. www.dryflydistilling.com
Reviewer: Don Poffenroth

This really is some of the best vodka i've ever had. One thing to note though, is that its not your traditional vodka. This vodka has an amazing nose, and has an almost sweet taste too it. I enjoyed it neat as well as mixed with some pomegranite lemonade.
Reviewer: Matt Dowling

I have become what my wife calls a "vodka snob", stocking my freezer with all that I can find from the top reviews from this site. Anything that is ranked above Tito's and has at least 10 reviews I have found or am trying to find. I saw this vodka at the store here in WA, and figured I'd try it. WOW! My new favorite, and even a few "I don't like vodka" friends were inpressed with it as we drank it clean and cold.
Reviewer: Matt

Outstanding. Vodka with flavor (imagine that, and NOT flavored vodka) and made from Washington wheat. You have to try this, chilled on clear ice. Yummmm!!
Reviewer: Nick

I mess up with the 1 it is all 5! I am sorry I messed up the average, sorry all. :-(
Reviewer: Nick

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