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A smooth, sexy Bulgarian vodka. Analysis indicate that there are some other alcohols added to it, so be careful!
Reviewer: Kjetil Aamann

Vodka Flirt saves the memories, or that's what the ads say. Broken bed and a sign: "He told there was an earthshake" Cream and strawberries on the kitchen's table with fingerprints in the cream and a sign: "She told she was making a cake"
Reviewer: Dimitar Todorov

Flirt vodka or "flört" as we say in sweden... The best a man can get!! It gives your memories to become more spicy......
Reviewer: Mattias Lindgren

Just had some for the first time in Plovdiv, Bulgaria mixed with Red Bull. Beats Stoli hands down. REALLY smooth. Where can I get some in the US?
Reviewer: Brick

i'm sitting here in Belgium and i want another bottle so HELP ME
Reviewer: bart

really the best BG vodka.perfect image, fine taste- Saves the memories
Reviewer: Milen

Certainly the best Bulgarian vodka by far, I would say. It is so smooth and tasty, that it would go well either mixed with juice\liqour or straight. I wish I could get a bottle here in Germany... Cheers to all the good Vodka-fans!
Reviewer: Jimmy the Tiger

WOw... cant Believe it .. There are guys that Actualy LIke our Flirt Vodka.. :) Flirt was nice but now i am on another one Vodka MANIA (manija). But the best one from Bulgaria is still Vodka "Turgovishte" trust me its the best one! :)
Reviewer: idle


Flirt vodka is the greatest ever. It is very smooth and will mix great with anything.
Reviewer: jeff

It`s good shit man. I drink this shit every friday and then I go to the disco(I have a friend and we togeter drink a bottle of 700 ml vodka,so I drink 350ml of vodka every friday)yo yo yo
Reviewer: ficho

Very sweet taste, a beauty
Reviewer: Niki

This vodka blows your mind!!! Especially when you drink 1 litre with your best friend per person in a dry bulgarian summer night!
Reviewer: Muki! from Hungary (vodka addict)

Great Vodka! You can drink it when it's warm and it's like water (but it still has 40%, so be careful).
Reviewer: Polish Vodka Lover

I drank my first bottle of Flirt (200 ml) and it tasted fine. I cant complain at all :) If i find this i will buy more!
Reviewer: ilovevodka

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