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Based on the price of this almost top-shelf vodka, I could not believe how smooth this vodka was. This vodka is perfect all around, including it's interesting bottle design.
Reviewer: AJ M

Excellent in mixes but also one of the few that is good straight cold or room temperature. It is surprising flavorful compared other vodkas.
Reviewer: Lee

Hands down the most underrated Vodka around. For both price and taste this Vodka is unbeatable. Very smooth, with a creamy taste, great straight! #1 in my book! Serve Ice cold.
Reviewer: Corbin

This vodka is distilled 6 times for a clean crisp taste. It goes down very smooth with little or no aftertaste. I have tried many top shelf vodkas and Fris clearly surpasses them all. It is also surprisingly inexpensive for a quality vodka. You are not paying for how fancy the bottle looks. Trust me, you will not get a hangover while drinking this vodka. Try a bottle and you will see what I am talking about.
Reviewer: JL

Definately one of the great vodkas. My only complaint is I can't seem to find it at any of the grocery stores or liquor stores any more. Vox has very similar qualities, albeit, for about $10 more a bottle.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

This has got to be the best vodka considering its smoothness... jokes aside your third shot of fris goes down like evian...this vodka would still be my choice even at $40
Reviewer: Chris

Very suprised. Good all around Vodka.
Reviewer: The Box

This vodka is awesome and so smooth! It is known to be the cleanest vodka in the world and you can taste it! Great for martinis!!
Reviewer: Lindsay Rinehart

Very easy to drink and smooth. Great for martinis or to sip on by itself. Very clean and refreshing....with no hangover!
Reviewer: Tedo

Hands down the best vodka for the money. This stuff is smoother than any other for the price, and better than many more expensive vodka's. I've decided to pluck the goose and serve some fris.
Reviewer: sean p.

Incredibly smooth...no cheap bite at $12.75 for 750ml...no aftertaste...just a very slight hint of citrus or maybe even citrus-vanilla...a pleasant warmth of the esophagus and gullet. For the price, impressive to say the least.
Reviewer: Epicurus Smith

This stuff is amazing. I convinced a friend of mine to do a blind taste test with this and Grey Goose, which he considered to be the best, and he chose Fris! It's one of the smoothest, creamiest vodkas I've had at any price, so the fact that it's cheaper than Absolut in some places makes it my current favorite.
Reviewer: Chris Hodson

I bought some of this Vodka a few weeks ago, and decided to make some Martini's this Friday afternoon. This is a fabulous Vodka! Perhaps the best I have tasted. No bite, and sort a mellow creamy after taste- that is most pleasing to the palate. Very smooth. Under rated -buy it!
Reviewer: Peter

One of the best. Very clean, smooth and tastefull. This is one pure Vodka for a reasonable price
Reviewer: Vodka a day

I usually only like potato, but Fris is the only exception. This defeats every other grain at any price. Please help fund Fris for making such a great and inexpensive product.
Reviewer: a

One of the best wheat vodkas I have had. It's smooth, has a great grain flavor when it first hits your palette - everything I would look for in a wheat based vodka. Very affordable and well worth the money. If I were more of a wheat vodka fan I'd give it 5 stars.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

Really good stuff! This Freeze Distillation method must work! It is one of the smoothest tasting vodkas I've had! For the price ($16) it is better that most in the $20+ range. It's a keeper!
Reviewer: Eric Plimpton

A top-shelf vodka masquerading at a mid-shelf vodka price. Perhaps the best grain vodka other than Hangar One. I can purchase 1.75 L of this stuff for $22 at my local store. At that price and with this flavor, sobriety is unjustifiable.
Reviewer: Matt L.

May not be the best out there but definitely the best under $20. Don't let the low price fool you, this is the best unknown values out there!
Reviewer: Chris Y.

My friends and I used to drink Grey Goose untill we saw this. I'm hald Danish myself and that's the main reason we tried it. We don't waste our money on anything els. You REALLY need to try it! Affordable too!
Reviewer: Brooks

Incredible quality for the price. Very very faint grain nose, no harsh burn going down. Warm, mellow aftertaste.
Reviewer: HB Stone

For the money, or any amount for that matter, this is by far the best tasting vodka I've ever had. Distilled 6 times, it's smooth and delicious. Every one I've served this to becomes a new fan and convert. I can't recommend it enough. Not sold in every liquor store, so if you don't find it at first, keep looking. It's worth it!
Reviewer: Neena

i give absolut a high rating especially the way i use it in a mixed drink ., and i dont buy vodka for $35and up. this vodka comes highly rated here. I bought some, cant beat the price, a 1.75L for 19.99. well it stunk, it smelled, not as bad as smirnoff, but enough.Im skeptical. But i go and mix my saturday afternoon drinks, Now i am not a expert, i mixed my 2 Oz with my ice tea, then i took another 2oz with a diet pepsi and another with 2 oz with some more ice tea...I got a great BUZZ, and NO headache, no hangover either... This is some great stuff. I save 10 bucks vs absolut 1.75L size, so you know what Ill buy from no on..FRIS.
Reviewer: jimsteve

I've been drinking high quality vodkas for many years and for one reason or another have been in the mood to try some new ones recommended on the forum. Definitely have to share that Fris is one very smooth, great tasting vodka that IMHO, could become my new everyday vodka of choice. Sure, I enjoy Titos, Ketel One, Chopin and a few others. But after trying Fris, the quality along with the price is a new wake-up call to a great tasting and smooth vodka.
Reviewer: Climb14er

Clean, Pure tasting vodka. Best I've tried!
Reviewer: James Morgan

Any vodka thats tastes good wether on the rocks, or mixed, gives you a clean buzz and does not give you a hang over is ideal. Ive never tried a vodka that didnt give me some sort of side effects the next day. And in the past ive tried them all from dubra to grey goose. I was absolutely ripped and no headache or stomache ache the next day! That says and means alot wether you plan or not, to drink too much the night before. Highly recommeded and like peoples always say the best bang for you buck! Buy it locally or online you wont be disappointed
Reviewer: Blerim

Smoothest Vodka for my taste. I have had a few others, but Fris has been a reliable favorite.
Reviewer: Jeff Burns

Did a blind taste test with this, Svedka and Boru. It was smoother than the other two. I seemed to like it a lot better. For 10 bucks a bottle, it was pretty good.
Reviewer: Andy

Awesome looking bottle, smooth booze within, and a great price. This vodka is a real steal. Bring this bottle to parties to impress the hell out of people (between the bottle and the taste, people think this stuff is way more expensive than it is)
Reviewer: Matt

Ya know, I've recently tried Reyka Vodka. Very good. I've also tried Luksusowa, Zyr, Svedka, and many, many others including the Goose! Fris is among the BEST of the BEST, meaning just three that I would give such a prize slot too! The other two....we'll read my other blogs. Fris is vodka!!!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

its a 5 all the way, last time i wrote i mustve missed the box for number of stars, this is a 5 all the way, its even better than $35+ dollar bottles too.. & 10 bucks less than absolut and better, way better. i went on a cruise bought a few bottles of absolut to come home, they only sell popular so called top shelf, so i buy, come home, drink, yuk,,,headache.last time i said it smelled, i was wrong, mustve been thinkin of smirnoff [yuk/swill] well never again to buy absolut,, and locally vs even what i pd on a cruise Fris is a better buy.
Reviewer: jimsteve

Fris is extremely smooth. And, it has a pleasant, distinct taste. This is the greatest vodka I ever drank.
Reviewer: John

Best Vodka I have ever drank. Extemely clean flavor that tastes just like water with a hint of burn at the end. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Ryan

I bought a bottle of Fris last night at Total Wine and Liquor based on a review I had read many months back. I saw the bottle, and remembered reading that review. Then I saw the price and thought "Well, it can't be THAT good." Boy, was I wrong. Don't know how they did it, but it's virtually free of impurities. Since it's Thanksgiving Eve, and I'd had a long day, I had FOUR-(!) Martinis last night with two shots of Fris in each. This morning? ZERO hangover! Yeah, a bit foggy from all that booze, but no hangover whatsoever. Amazingly pure vodka, and yes, very, very smooth and silky mouthfeel. Best vodka I've had so far, even at twice the price.
Reviewer: TJ

My mother is from Belarus, so vodka was always tradition in the house. When I was a teenager, I began to take part. I've sworn by potato vodka (Luksusowa) for many years due to its smoothness and purity (zero hangovers). Frïs nearly bowled me over when I first tried it, because it's a grain vodka, and I've simply never come across a grain that's as smooth as potato. In fact, I hate to admit it, but it may even be a bit smoother... and complete lack of hangover the next morning. I'll be sticking to this until they stop making it, which is hopefully never. Long live Denmark.
Reviewer: Victor

Wow. I would give this a 5, but on principle, I will hold out until I've tasted 100 vodkas. This is definitely one of the best I have tasted. Smooth, with a flavour that tastes good at room temp, or chilled to below freezing. I haven't shaken it simply because I don't want to water it down in the least. It is a tremendous value, as well. To the reviewer who didn't like it mixed in Diet Pepsi, don't blame the vodka. A+
Reviewer: Jay

For more than 10 years this is my vodka of choice. Ever since I tried this vodka - I don't spend my money for more expensive vodkas. Surprisingly cheap considering the quality - $20 for 1.75 litter. The smoothest vodka I've ever had also.
Reviewer: Sam

I hate to spend $60 on vodka when my guests mix it with diet coke or cranberry. I bought this for that reason. I ran out of Grey Goose and had to use FRIS for martini's. I was very surprised. $20 for a handle is my new martini vodka also.
Reviewer: Brian Grant

I have to part with this reviewing crowd here. Not only did I not enjoy Fris vodka, finding it quite rough and with a substantial unpleasant aftertaste, but ALL of the other five people doing a comparative vodka tasting with me felt the same way. This ranked lowest of the 7 vodkas we tasted together, and the only vodka we sampled which people generally disliked.
Reviewer: Victor28

Great vodka at a cheap price. No bitter after taste and goes down smoothly
Reviewer: Pat G

Great vodka at a cheap price. No bitter after taste and goes down smoothly
Reviewer: Pat G

ok, im new, but cool, so listen up. vodka is vodka. so this taste test is friz vs tito's. both are good, but cosidering the " total" taste i got to go with friz. it's cheaper by half, and again vodka is vodka. ive tested ketel one, chopin, and sobiesk, and out of the 4 friz winz. not only for the price, but for the taste. unless a vodka steps up, and proves to me to me vodka isnt vodka its friz for me.
Reviewer: Joe Revezzo

I always drink vodka straight that is kept in the freezer. I sip it from a tall shot glass thats filled 3/4 the way up. And I never drink flavored vodka. That being said Fris is my favorite vodka so far. I reserve 5 stars just in case, so thats why I only rated it a 4. But this vodka is pretty smooth, with very little burn. But it's got a sweet after taste. And for $9 a bottle this takes top billing for me.
Reviewer: jmr

this...is a great vodka.....i bought a bottle after reading the reviews.i went to buy a bottle...lo and behold....the bottle had changed from clear bottle to a blue bottle.i bought the last clear bottle...on a hunch.i got home looked on wiki.....it is now a product of canada.hence the change in the bottle.im glad i bought the last clear glass bottle.if its made in canada now...i doubt it tastes the same.shame.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

It is true, there is a slight difference between the clear bottle and the blue. but not enough for me to change my score. I never rate anything a five, so for the price ($9) and the taste its still a four.
Reviewer: jmr

I like Grey Goose but FRIS is similar, smooth and mild with a soft slightly sweet finish and doesn't give you a fuzzy feeling in your head, just a clean buzz and no hangover unless you over do it. For the price it's hard to beat.
Reviewer: Pandy

Best vodka I've ever had hands down and I've tried them all.
Reviewer: DOLPH

Fris has been my favorite for many years... Now with the new plastic bottle I get a hangover headache. Very sad...just another cheap vodka now.
Reviewer: Ray

Fris was my vodka of choice for 20+ years, not anymore. It's all different vodka now - they manage to screw it up - Canadian version of a Fris is not even worth waisting time on. I still keep in my stash few bottles of old Danish made Fris for special occasions.
Reviewer: Sam

ok here goes [[i usually make my drink with a healthy shot-then add ice--next with tonic water--little lime -or tomato juice---depends --any way this bottle was 6 bucks --opposed to greygoose witch is 18-bucks--in closing this is better than greygoose --skye---i might give it a 5 ---later on ---lol
Reviewer: kermit gagne

I love this vodka. It's so smooth. Drink it when you can.
Reviewer: Chuck Gesing

Reviewer: SHANNON

Fris is by far the best vodka I have tasted. It is smooth - good as a mixer, good as a shot. It's also $10 cheaper than Tito's or other 'premium' vodkas. Superb!
Reviewer: Nick

Best Vodka taste in a long time. I usually do not drink Vodka. But had a friend to turn me on to it and was very surprise in the taste.
Reviewer: kv

Had fris liked it at first but had a really bad headache next morning after only 2 pomtinis. I will stick with belvedere, Chopin or jewel of Russia.
Reviewer: Tinyt

I've drunk enough different vodkas to know that Fris is good stuff. It's smooth with a buttery/creamy taste somewhat like Extra Zytnia and at this low price you can't go wrong! Full texture and gentle finish.
Reviewer: Mark

A 1.75L goes for $15 at my local liquor store and a it's incredibly smooth with no afterburn. It's been my go to for a while as a mixer. In a vodka soda it just tastes like sodawater. Light to no hangover the day after imbibing.
Reviewer: Isak

I read Absolut imports Fris, I recently bought two bottles, I remember I liked it years ago, I usually buy Absolut. But this time, I opened a large bottle of Fris and I didn't taste it.. OR "feel" it. Next drink I put two shots in my glass and nothing! two shots would put me to sleep. I have tried 4 drinks and now convinced this bottle is watered down. I haven't opened the second one yet. I want to bring it back. Not what I remembered.
Reviewer: Gwen

Oh yes ... this Fris *is* sublime (5 stars). Just tried it for the first time ten minutes ago; it was given to me today as a birthday present (Dec 8). Oh my, that initial shot straight from that gorgeous bottle was so smooth, seemingly "flavored" (it is not) and with a fresh, quick dissipation with no after-burn. I mainly drink my vodkas straight with a water back. Didn't really need one with Fris. What a great gift. Hope I can find it easily.
Reviewer: Sean

I got a liter on sale for around $11. It was very good with orange juice. No dirty aftertaste that you get with the cheap stuff. I will buy this brand again.
Reviewer: Susan

An amazing quality, highly enjoyable vodka which costs under $10 for a fifth? Yes please! Fris vodka is one of my favorites. I don't know if it is due to the freeze filtration process, but this is the only vodka I know of that causes no burn whatsoever. It's very smooth. The flavor profile is unique; starts off neutral, then slightly bitter to bittersweet as it moves through your mouth, and leaves no aftertaste. Maybe it's just me, but it feels a bit more viscous than other grain vodkas when I drink it straight out of the freezer, which I enjoy. I would strongly recommend Fris to vodka lovers and beginners alike.
Reviewer: Aiden

Best I have tasted, never want anything else after this went on sale. Try it.
Reviewer: Rick

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