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Grey Goose

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Smooth from beginning to end. Very clean and crisp with no unplesant aftertaste.
Reviewer: Greg Wood

I found Grey Goose to be on the harsh side. I only gave it a three becuase I expected more from them.
Reviewer: Eric Vianovic

I usually drink vodka straight up. Maybe because of the high ratings this vodka has recieved I expected a smoother taste. Then again maybe it's supposed to be on the harsher side. Either way it's only ok and not outstanding or good.
Reviewer: Caleb Villeda

I have enjoyed the cool crisp taste of Grey Goose many of times, i would rank this up with all the best Vodkas in the world.
Reviewer: Blake Hite

As a shot this vodka truly is a premeuim blend of perfect distillation. As compared to Absolut or Ketel One, the Grey Goose was much sommther and had a profound aftertaste, not like the burning that occurs with Absolut or Ketel one.
Reviewer: Alexander Thifault

This vodka gives me a new respect for the French. Smooth seems such a small word when applied to this fine distillation. Stored in the freezer, this stuff will win over non-vodka drinkers.
Reviewer: James Nelson

Wonderful vodka. My absolute favorite and winner in my own taste test. Smooth, but not tasteless. I don't like flavorless vodka. No burning at all. Always have a bottle.
Reviewer: Mike Konieczki

The Goose rules. Slight essence of licorice makes it just right. Serve only subzero (F).
Reviewer: Jackster

Very disappointed in Grey Goose, as well as the Orange flavor. I found it bold and harsh. My tongue prefers Cosmos, Fris or Vox. This seems very over-rated.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

This is my favorite vodka. It has the right amount of punch and less aftertaste. Always serve cold, and don't waste it by putting mixer in it (ice at the most, please).
Reviewer: Kevin Parsneau

I'll fly with the goose anytime, wonderfull out of the bottle and doesn't taste like a drinkable version of rubbing alcohol.....very nice!
Reviewer: Brad S.

I've been a Vodka drinker for 25+ years and Grey Goose is the smoothest and most flavorful Vodka I've ever tasted. Stuart Z......Santa Fe
Reviewer: Stuart Zucker

A decent vodka, but not worth the hype or the price. The flavor is overwhelming and that takes away from the pureness I personally desire. From the flavor, and my experiences the day after having this, its obvious that its not been purified, or the flavor enchancing additives have caused my headache. At the same price range Cristall, or Jewel of Russia are much better choice.
Reviewer: Balthazar

Here's where Grey Goose fits into the picture. You've been invited to d dinner party with friends. You know the host will offer you a drink. You know the host isn't a "Vodka person" and will probably try and slip you a Popov or, at best, an Absolut. So, your'e only hope here is to bring a gift, a nice bottle of alcohol, to the party. So, you stop off at the grocery store (because you're running late, like usual, and don't have time to go to that liquor store across town that stocks a good variety of Vodkas). So, anyhow, you're in the grocery store and you have a choice of Absolut, Skyy, Popov, Vox, Grey Goose, Belvedere and maybe a few other brands. So, you choose the Grey Goose, because it's the best you can find in a large grocery store chain. (we'll, I'd argue that Belvedere would be about equal, but that's another story). You bring it to the party, offer it to the host (much cooler to bring a premium Vodka that a bottle of wine, IMHO). The host offers you a drink, you ask for your Vodka drink. Host says "let's try this, what's it called again, Grey Goose that you brought" You get your Premium drink. The host pours himself one. The host learns the difference between Vodka and GREAT Vodka.
Reviewer: mikehell

Best Vodka I've tasted to date. Very smooth all the way down. Got to love the Goose
Reviewer: The Box

Best Vodka I've had yet... but I've only tried Absolut, Kettle One, and Stolichnaya thus far. Amazingly smooth finish compared to the others in this group. Makes a Martini that you can sip and truly enjoy the flavor. I'll continue testing others to see if I can top it... but so far I always keep a bottle of this handy for straight Vodka or Martinis.
Reviewer: Rob

I have to say that I was disappointed with this Vodka. It came to me so highly recommended by websites and by my local wine/liquor store, that I expected more. I found its taste somewhat harsh and not as smooth as say Fris or Luksusowa. Still mush better then a Absolute. I usually drink vodka straight up and this was just not the Vodka for that.
Reviewer: Corbin Dickerson

Grey Goose is terriffic... It's smooth but not light... You taste the alcohol but not overlyso... Face it if you wanted to drink water, poland spring is cheaper. It's best with a little citrus squeezed in, or with tonic... If you bring this as a gift it will ALWAYS go to use...
Reviewer: Joe Dibi

I generally drink Ketel One, but my friend gave me a bottle of Goose. I was supprised at how smooth and sweet it was.
Reviewer: Forrest Nearing

One of the best I've had. Great taste. A little bight, but not like Stoli or Absolut. - I would like to note, since drinking Grey Goose, I have purchased probably about 20 bottles. Out of those, 4 have been "bad". It seems the cork can go bad just like a wine. These bad ones, had a very distinctive mold/mildew taste and aroma. Wondering if anyone else has ever had this.
Reviewer: G Hansen

Seems to consistently have a bit of an unpleasant edge to it--I don't care for it all that much straight from the freezer. About 25-30% overpriced to me, when compared to Chopin and Belvidere, which I feel are totally comparable. Not my first choice, but it would be my 2nd or 3rd.
Reviewer: Bongo Boy

Going back to Kettle One, better price...though if the goose is loose on sale I may snag it.
Reviewer: ssnaakee

I am quite surprised that the French make the best Vodka in the world. This is by far the smoothest, best tasting vodka in existence. It is simply in a class by itself, it makes vodka lovers out of people that don't even like vodka (my wife). Sure it's expensive but so is good Scotch.
Reviewer: Scott Cerbin

best vodka for my martini hands down!!!
Reviewer: m dommer

I JUST took another shot of the GOOSE straight up. Don't mix this stuff!!! Held it in my mouth for a little bit and swallowed...NICE AND SMOOOOOOOTH. This is great and can be drank with pizza....I'm doing it right now. Time for another shot...
Reviewer: Mike

Overrated Papicosh! Tastes like they added twizlers licorice to it. It made me pucker. Otherwise a step above crystal palace vodka.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Good, but not good enough to justify the price. I will take Chopin or even Stoli over Grey Goose any day. It has a bit of a harsh aftertaste.
Reviewer: Chuck

VERY smooth, but has to be served ice cold
Reviewer: Heather

Very smooth, with sort of a floral taste to me. I taste almost no alcohol in it at all. This stuff is great as it is, not a mixing vodka in my opinion. Excellent, so far only ciroc has been as enjoyable for me, but I've still got quite a bit of exploring to do.
Reviewer: Steve

After my boyfriend introduced me to Grey Goose Vodka I was hooked. It's all I ever drink, mix it with red bull and you can be tipsy with energy it's great. I've never had a hangover with it either. We get a big bottle a week you should see our collection It's cool, I want to keep all the bottles just don't know where to put them all. Maybe i'll use them as decor somehow.
Reviewer: Adela Pocaigue

This vodka is crisp, smooth almost flawless. I prefer to drink it warm because there is a harshness that comes with drinking it cold. When warm, Grey Goose feels like silk.
Reviewer: Liann

Grey Goose is tremendously overrated, it has an unpleasant flavor and always leaves me feeling sick the next day after just 1 vodka martini. I belive it is coasting on cachet, not quality. For the money, get Chopin instead, it is vastly superior in all respects, but I'd rate this worse than even cheaper brands like Skyy. 1 star if you pay full price, 2 stars if you get it for free.
Reviewer: Sean

Very good a little more burn than i was hoping. very smooth, good smell best very cold, mixes well especially with soda.
Reviewer: ian oliver

Definitely not my favorite. Too reminiscent of rubbing alcohol and hospitals. My test for vodka is whether it needs to be frozen to be good, and by that test I still prefer Kutskova, Yurii Dolgoruki, or Russian Standard.
Reviewer: Nancy Fiske

I like my vodka straight only. This one is l-l-lovely; sweet, smooth, light from start to finish, real winner. Don't adulterate with vermouth (an insult!) or olives, posssibly a small twist of lemon or lime but not really needed. What a beautiful sweet distillation.
Reviewer: Alexs

i gave it 0, cuz of zyr. find some and you'll all know why. zyr is the new grey goose/any other vodka u like best!
Reviewer: david

Most over-rated vodka on the market. Those who don't know vodka drink Grey Goose.
Reviewer: Rich

I gave it a 3 because of the price. Finlandia and stoli are excellent for almost half. The goose has good taste but an exceptionally bad value.
Reviewer: carl

Reviewer: Valerie

but it is really a 20.i will buy no other vodka.
Reviewer: anthony

Compared to other premium vodkas, I didn't like it at first. But I gave it a chance, and now it's in my top 3. I'd still take Vox over it any day, and perhaps Chopin as well. But a good vodka, especially for a Martini.
Reviewer: Josh

I found that Grey Goose Vodka has a very smooth and silky taste and if you really want your taste buds to have this wonderful experience of tasting an exceptional flavor try "Grey Goose Vodka" absolutely SPLENDID and a very impressive drink.
Reviewer: Portchia

Definitly the best vodka I've tried yet. Extra smooth and crisp with very little bite and burn.
Reviewer: shawn

This was a very flavorful vodka. Really that was what I thought when it hit my mouth, FLAVOR! It was pretty smooth, and would be best to be drank neat, as the flavor might combat the things you mix it with. If it wasn't so expensive I would buy it again.
Reviewer: Tony

I really enjoy Grey Goose. It is very smooth, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. One of the few mainstream Vodkas that I dare drink. A must for my martinis when I am drinkiing outside of my house.
Reviewer: Brittany

a good safe bet when drinking out in bars and clubs but the vodka itself doesn't live up to all its glitzy hype for the price you could do much better
Reviewer: dose

Just returned from an extended trip to Russia and became acquainted with quite a number of authentic Russian brands. As a comparison to what I beleive is the least best in America, I would use Grey Goose to thin paint, but not to drink...
Reviewer: John Boyd

Grey Goose is to harsh. I think it survives on reputation alone, and it doesn't deserve the good reputation it has. The price makes it even less appealing.
Reviewer: Gavin

I was unaware of the ridiculous hype surrounding this vodka beforehand, so I was simply rating the Goose on its own merits, on which it succeeds admirably. It's one of the smoothest vodkas I've tasted, though not totally flavorless, and has a clean crisp aftertaste with little to no alcohol burn. I only dared mix it once and found the subtle flavor to be lost, but drunk straight or with ice this is a superb vodka. Just try and ignore the hype.
Reviewer: mal

Ok, I believe this is a fine Vodka, but it is a bit overrated. I for one cannot drink this Vodka at room temp, where as Armadale excells at. I believe Armadale is a couple notches better than Grey overall and I don t think I'll buy Grey again until I wan't a change of pace. I you wan't attention at a party than bringing Grey Goose with you will get you that. A great Vodka and even though I think it's overrated I still highly recommend it if your a first timer and want to start with one of the better Vodkas.
Reviewer: Matthew

I agree that Grey Goose is overpriced/overrated. I love it just the same tho. It is on my top shelf. I find it very boring and neutral. I does have a slight ethyl odor. It is a bit harsh, but it's my favorite vodka for mixers. I put it on par with Kettle One. I will continue to endorse Grey Goose, regardless of what others say.
Reviewer: Ari Mouratides

Very expensive and tastes like rubbing alcohol. Harshest vodka ive ever drank
Reviewer: Josh

the Goose is over-rated. it is very smooth, yes, like drinking water. but has almost no taste, like drinking water.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

It's OK taste. Average smoothness and mildness. There's some unpleasant aroma (it possibly comes from charcoal).
Reviewer: Husky

Honestly, between the price, harshness, and flavor, this is one of my least favorite alcohols. In the land of vodka I would rather drink Kamchatka (horrendous and cheap) For 16 bucks here in Ohio I can get a bottle of Van Gogh which in my opinion is much smoother (and it has a cooler bottle). This stuff is aweful. Might as well drink grain alcohol in my book.
Reviewer: Sean

Very overrated. Ketel One is much smoother and tastes better mixed or straight-up. Grey Goose is well marketed and has a pretty bottle, but that's where it ends. It's an average vodka that is "cool" amongst the people. I went to Paris in early 2007 and I couldn't find Goose anywhere. None of the 3 Parisians I was with had ever heard of it. American marketing at it's best. It's way over-priced. Save your money and go with Ketel One or Tito's
Reviewer: BrianV

In a blind taste test one night, 5 people at a party I was at were given 3 different vodkas to try. We rated them worst to best, and the WORST was unianimously Grey Goose, followed by SKYE, and the real shocker for me was the Smirnoff won hands down. A real eye-opener for me, as I had always heard Grey Goose was so great.
Reviewer: chad

The taste is good but it has quite a bit of bite that i didn't expect based on the price.
Reviewer: John

overpriced, overrated vodka, not worth half the money they charge, its average at best
Reviewer: jeremy s

Award the importer's advertising acumen five stars. Don't throw your money away on this overrated mediocrity.
Reviewer: blueshoe

fairly good flavor, slightly bitter. not worth the price its normally charged for though... there are much better vodkas for much less.
Reviewer: Jimmyman

Way overrated and overpriced. People that don't know vodka drink this stuff. Try Belvedere or for an inexpensive treat Luksosawa or Sobieski.
Reviewer: Jeff

Grey Goose gets flak because of its popularity and price. A perfect target of disdain for vodka snobs as a result. While I can't argue that better vodka can be had at cheaper prices, it is hard to deny the smoothness of Grey Goose. It's a great mixer. And if someone else is picking up the tab, I see no reason to complain. Smooth, just a hint of crispness, and very low fragrance. I am, however, a vodka drinker that prefers a little taste to my vodka. So for my money, I'd go with Ketel One. Cheaper, almost as smooth, and with a nice finish.
Reviewer: Mike W

OK, and fairly smooth... if you have $30-40 around and want a small bottle of vodka, go for it, but you can find MUCH cheaper vodka thats actually better (Tito's).
Reviewer: zippydude

Not too bad, a bit grainy for my palatte. I think better vodkas can be purchased for a cheaper price though.
Reviewer: Hillary

a superbly marketed bad product. Kudo's to the owner who's laughing all the way to the bank. it's overly sweet and has a harsh aftertaste, this is not a premium product and paying more than $20.xx a bottle you're getting ripped off.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Grey Goose is a very pricey and mediocre vodka. I have to agree with another reviewer who said those who drink Grey Goose are those that don't know vodka. On the plus side it is smooth (due to the filtration) so it's not a bad vodka, just mediocre. Also, it's made in France but not French. When Stanley Frank importers decided to offer an expensive vodka that many would think was premium, they surveyed to find most Americans equate the French with food quality, so they set up production in France. They call it "the world's best tasting vodka" but that was from a beverage tasting institute rating based on their first hand made batches (not the production batches delivered today). These days they find themselves not even ranking in the top 20 at the beverage tasting institute. The bottom line is if you're drinking Grey Goose, you're being duped. You can purchase a far superior, more pure, and more smooth vodka for a lesser price (try Teton Glacier, it's made right here in America and often ranked as among the 5 best vodkas world wide); or, if you want a foreign vodka with a fancy frosted bottle like Grey Goose try Belvedere (it's about the same price as Grey Goose but a far better vodka and is the company from which Grey Goose based their bottle design).
Reviewer: Mike

absolutely overpriced tripe. it's an average product at best. i'd rate it a two, but it's marketed as a 'premium' product, which it isn't so it gets 1 star. it's smooth, yes... anyone that thinks it doesn't have a nasty bitter taste to it better wake up and try some good vodka out.
Reviewer: zander

We hosted a Halloween party & I decided to drink GG w/ cranberry juice. Had one mixed too strong & it was like drinking isopropyl alcohol! I will never be duped again - I'll try one of the suggestions here. Also, I woke up with a wicked headache! Thanks for the unbiased opinions here......
Reviewer: Candy Corn witch

Light starch nose, wheat and coriander with a touch of orange, short polished finish. This is not a truly awful vodka. The reason I personally give it a 2 is because it has been refined through over-filtration, and the price hardly reflects the vodka itself. What it makes up for in clarity, it lacks in character, which in my opinion, sets ultra-premiums apart, since it costs nothing to filter an unremarkable vodka, and takes time and effort to distill a remarkable one !
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Ah, the famous Grey Goose, the vodka that most anybody you run into will say is the best vodka. I tell you, Mr. Sidney Frank, the founder, fooled everyone into thinking that this is the best vodka in the world, because it's not. It's certainly not a bad vodka, but it's not the best. It is smooth, no question, but pay attention to the aftertaste and how bitter it gets, then compare it to other vodkas and do tell whether you still think it's worth the price. Maybe if it was about ten to fifteen dollars less it would be worth it. It does not belong on the top shelf. Lower upper to upper middle shelf at best. Overpriced and overhyped. Don't believe the hype.
Reviewer: Jason

How anyone that likes the pure clean taste of vodka can call this a premium vodka is beyond me. Smirnoff tastes better than this. It's like buying Russian wine.
Reviewer: C Toppa

Come on.. if it isn't Russian or Polish, it's not vodka. Like drinking Greek Scotch!
Reviewer: HG

It's not a bad vodka, it's quite smooth with only a bit of bitterness...but it's over hyped and over priced.
Reviewer: Jennifer

i{m about to buy a couple of grey goose, getting 'em for cheap(on clearence), so just wanted to know if grey goose also added thickeners to their exporting vodkas
Reviewer: Daniel

Way over priced and way over hyped, dont get me wrong its perfectly drinkable but i'd far rather buy a bottle of Beluga for a few quid more...
Reviewer: calum

Way too much hyped about, I drink Vodka with Tonic and every time Ive been given Grey Goose I assume Ive been given a Gin and Tonic, I just cant get used to the flavour.
Reviewer: Vodka Lover

This stuff aint bad but for the money ($33) It's not worth it. It's pretty smooth at first but then at the end it's a little harsh. I tasted nothing special about it, but then I keep my vodka in the freezer. No Alexander The Grape here.
Reviewer: jmr

Best marketing of any Vodka! Most effortless golf swing By Retief. Vodka is average at best! Caps are the nicest! Try Black, or Elit,
Reviewer: Justen Kase

This is another great example of the mass marketing machine at work. Take an average/below average vodka, put it in a pretty bottle, market the crap out of it, claim it's "the world's best tasting vodka", place the distillery in France, have sheeple believe this, have rappers rap about it......and there you have it. Folks, this is nothing more than an average vodka. Sure the bottle looks pretty and it's considered a status symbol on name recognition, but the quality is non existent. It's just okay. A Mercedes frame with Kia parts and engine. Step up to the big leagues and go for Belvedere, Ketel One, or Jewel of Russia.
Reviewer: Dave

Waaaaaaaay too bitter. Doesn't mix well with anything. You can keep paying $33+ a bottle for this overrated pretentious crap. I'll stick with Ketel, or Finlandia.
Reviewer: Gordon

A good Vodka, a little expensive and not the kind you will mix, but one you will sip. Sadly I live in the country where it's made and it's more expensive here than in other places, it's even cheaper in the USA, strange when you know it's takes an ocean to travel for it to hit US shlelves.
Reviewer: Arriflex

Nose is quite neutral. Hard to make out anything. Medium-light mouthfeel--okay, I think I got something flavor-wise: quite fruity indeed, a nice bouquet. The finish is nervous, but nice and long. Good, not great.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Very average! I was bought a bottle for Christmas and was ecpecting something special, but ended up rather disappointmented. Some of the Lithuanian vodka's blow this very average vodka away. My favourite Lithuanian version is birch infused... it leaves Grey Goose flailing in the wind. Vastly overpriced!
Reviewer: Blaise

This vodka has a flavor that if too perfumey for me and not as smooth as a Russian sipping vodka.
Reviewer: Art Douglas

I really want to love Grey Goose, but I just can't. Maybe because of the advertising, or cool bottle, but based on taste and experience I find it to be an average to slightly above average drink. For $30 a bottle there are plenty of better options. Its nice to have on hand, you may have friends who want it, and now and then Ill make a drink with it. But if $30 is your price range and you are looking for a wheat based vodka to drink neat or with ice, try Chopin wheat or ZYR.
Reviewer: Patrick

2nd place only to GG L'orange for me. I 1st tried this years ago, pre all the hype, served on crushed ice with cranberry juice & a wedge of lime. GG has been my top benchmark vodka ever since. Probably not the choice for ppl who prefer a very light tasting vodka. GG does have a clean taste combined with a soothing richness. A night of drinking this has never given me a hangover or upset stomach. Quite the opposite, I find it a pleasing, soothing drink. Yes it's expensive & Stoli & Ketel One give it a good run for it's money imo but for me GG is the best.
Reviewer: Nikki

I've loved vodka for over 40 years and I've never seen so much terrible hype in an over rated and over priced batch of mashed potatoes. Anyone silly enough to buy the hype either has too much money and or no taste buds.
Reviewer: Lou Majta

Fantastic Vodka for mixed drinks like Martini's, LII tea, or screwdriver. But not very good for straight shots.
Reviewer: Dlam01

what do you do on a night thats -14 outside. you invite friends over for a blind vodka taste test (i have no life). tonight we tried 3 premium vodka's and 1 mid class vodka. we first did a blind taste test neat of a 1/4 ounce. then measured up for vodka martini's. the 4 vodka's tested were Belvedere polish rye vodka at $49.95 Chopin polish potato vodka at $49.95 Grey Goose french wheat vodka at $49.95 Iceberg canadian corn vodka at $26.95 results were: 1: Chopin polish potato vodka in both taste tests, amazing stuff 2: Iceberg canadian vodka , very smooth , liked by everybody in a martini 2: Belvedere polish vodka , very nice cold neat, great in a martini 4: Grey Goose , french vodka, the roughest of the 4 in both taste tests.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Grey Goose is not a bad vodka - on the contrary, it's a fine one. Unfortunately it's also a very expensive vodka, so the question is: is it worth paying twice the usual vodka price for this drink? In my opinion it is not. Again, it's not a bad vodka: it has nice wheat flavour, good texture and balance, and a surprisingly short and pleasant finish, but those attributes don't make it twice as good as Absolut or Russian Standard (to remain in the wheat vodka category).
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

Grey Goose is the finest Vodka you will ever have the pleasure of consuming. Russians hate the French. That is the only explanation of why this vodka has such a low rank on this website.
Reviewer: Rod

Grey Goose VX This is a very nice bottle if you can find it. This should only be sipped. It is very smooth no burn and a hint of sweet to finish. Well worth the price of the bottle.
Reviewer: Darren Schiffer

Some folks think all vodka tastes the same. They claim vodka is 'tasteless' and that premium vodkas are a result of marketing genius. I say their tongues are not sensitive enough. I agree that Goose does a great job at marketing, and we want to feel 'part of the elite crowd' at times, but the simple fact is it tastes really great straight! It's smooth, delicious, has no burning aftertaste and there are only a few vodkas that I would drink straight - Goose being top 2. Straight is the real test. Sip and smile!
Reviewer: Ric Phillips

Thumbs up Grey Goose. You've heard about the "vector of the geese", a V formation of flight working together for speed and efficiency? Well the Goose team has it figured out. Great teamwork to produce a perfect product. Well done! Nice bottling artwork too. David H.
Reviewer: David H

Bought Pear by accident( like plain) kept it; tried it; tastes like and smells like my nail polish remover!!!!
Reviewer: Malian

A lot of hype. Better than average but not top notch for the price.
Reviewer: creep

Heard this should be an exellent vodka,so I grabbed one in a taxfree shop. Had great expectations,but was very disappointed.Reminds me of the windshield washer I use on my car (a blend of ethanol and isopropanol)
Reviewer: Jan Tore Pettersen

It's OK. Subtle aroma of lavender and a smooth-ish finish make this vodka quite drinkable (straight, not mixed). But don't be fooled by the price or hype. There are many better vodkas for a LOT less money.
Reviewer: Mark

Grey Goose has many fans who worship it and many detractors who unfairly bash it. The 5's and 1's come out to an average of 3, which is accurate in my opinion. When you strip away the bottle design, the advertising and the "premium" reputation, there's nothing special about Grey Goose except its high price tag. It's smooth, it burns a bit and doesn't have an offensive taste. There are much better vodkas and there are much worse vodkas.
Reviewer: Aiden

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