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Imperial Collection

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Russian Vodka sold in a highly decorative bottle, more expensive than most in Russia but well worth the price. Superb smooth clean taste. If you go to Russia, ensure that you at least have a shot of this!
Reviewer: WelshPhil

Very good vodka! Puts the others to shame. If you don't like the bottle you buy, send what is left to me!!
Reviewer: BCS

Taste like nail polish
Reviewer: Mike Louie

Bright nose, dazzling hints of grape and soft polished wheat, short warm finish. As far as Russian vodkas go, this one certainly stands out. The price is abit restrictive, but I would hardly say I was dissapointed by the quality. Delicious with a nice focused set of tasting notes. I suppose something could be said about the bottle as well, quite attractive, but the vodka is exceptional. It close to my top 5.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

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