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Was looking for a really good Vodka, tried them all..Grey Goose, Absolute, Belvedere, Stoly,...but...PRAVDA is THE smoothest ever! And the bottle is sooooo pretty!! But, I'm a "girl" so what do I know?
Reviewer: Pam

Smoothest Vodka I've ever tasted...altho..I am not a serious Vodka drinker (I prefer bubbly)..I must say compared to any other "quality" vodka this is smoothest. I'm hooked!! And tried it both chilled and unchilled..straight!! (do NOT mix this)
Reviewer: Pam

a smooth vodka...incredibly drinkable mixed or on the rocks...
Reviewer: Frank

We had just recently got this in our store, and they had a tasting kit. So thought I'd try one looked really good, came with two little cute martini glasses. IMO tasted like Absolute , one of the worst burning vodkas out there. 1 star.
Reviewer: shawn

Verrrrryy good vodka. Well made, smooth, quality stuff. BTW, check out their website as the story of the distiller is quite interesting, may he rest in peace.
Reviewer: BCS

Everyone else must have started with good vodka then switched to this after about 7. This is as rough as any bottom line i've personally tried, but carries a top shelf price. Don't buy, its disappointing
Reviewer: Byron

Girlfriend and i go to a restaurant. They got a flyer on the table for a great new vodka - Pravda. So we martini up - I go with the Pravda and she with the Stoli. The drinks come and we both agree Pravda is the clear winner - very smooth and clean. When the bill comes - shock of shocks the Pravda martini was $4 cheaper. Girlfriend turns to me, "Hey, they stolied our money". Good stuff - u won't be dissapointed...
Reviewer: george

I was and still a grey goose fan. pradva is really good. So Smooth, It is so hard to find in stores. I would by over Grey goose.
Reviewer: Susanne Calhoun

Light nose, short citrus entrance, toasted rye in the body. Medium grain finish. Nothing that really sets it apart from other rye vodkas, and unfortunately the price doesn't help matters. Not a bad vodka, just nothing exceptional, especially considering the availability other ryes like Sobieski, at a fraction of the cost.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

This $20+ Vodka is extremely bitter, and in a stupid looking bottle, don't buy it! I highly recommend: Luksusowa for $14, or Sobieski for $12, if you just feel like spending $20 on vodka I suggest Three Olives for $20
Reviewer: Dave

I had the same experience as the poster above re: the tasting set. I've only recently started drinking vodka as I discovered some very nice ones, but I found Pravda to be very harsh with an unpleasant initial taste rather like licking the back of a stamp and an aftertaste reminiscent a much cheaper brand.
Reviewer: Kiki

Not smooth at all. Dissapointed considering the price.
Reviewer: Donski

Bought this vodka because i'm a absloute drinker on some days and it caught my eyes. Got a few sample nips in the package and all was good.
Reviewer: holly bell

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