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Robert Cavalli

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I think that Cavalli vodka is a lot better than any other vodka in the market. A little bit expensive but it is worth every extra penny. It is super smoooth and 0 hangover the next day.
Reviewer: Mitsui

Taste was good, bottle very nice, just expected more for the price (US 60+)
Reviewer: brian norris

This is the best Vodka i have ever tried, I used to be a Grey Goose drinker now its all about Cavalli.
Reviewer: Shawn

One of if not the best vodka on the market today, extremely smooth taste, no burn and zero hangover the next day. i would even rank this vodka better then stoli elit or the overrated Grey Goose. Only down side is that it is a bit expensive at 55 bucks for 750ml here in Brooklyn, so i give it 4 stars for price.
Reviewer: Frank

Robert Cavalli was described as a luxury vodka, I'm fairly new to this super-premium vodka market but wanted to give this a try. It was very nice, a strong vodka flavour but with no burn what so ever. Texturally it's very thin and not as syrupy as a couple of the other vodka's I've tried in this market. The price tag was very high at £40GBP per bottle and that was on offer!
Reviewer: Chris brannigan

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Reviewer: Cyril Stein

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