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Shakers Rye Vodka

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Sweet, dry rye character. Still smooth chilled, but with a bit more fire than the standard "American". Try it on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Certainly worth seeking out.
Reviewer: Jay Klaus

A unique experience in fine vodka. It has a rich earthy flavor that blends well with vermouth to create an outstanding martini. Also, great chilled and sipped from a snifter.
Reviewer: Campbell

This has to be the smoothest, and best tasting vodka I have ever had
Reviewer: James Ernest

Here we go again. I have to add this to my top four list of great vodkas! After trying the wheat version of Shakers, which was excellent, this rye version is my favorite. It has an enticing nose of all that is good in vodka. The taste is rye city, semi sweet, oily, grainy, viscous and clean. The finish was just wonderful, tongue coating with a cool clean crispness with the slightest touch of spice. WOW!!!!! I'm happy they carry this in my South Florida neighborhood liquor store. A must try! You will enjoy this like a 50 year old scotch.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

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