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This vodka is the top shelf Vodka. Distilled in copper pot stills, six times and filtered through hard wood charcoal for 18 hours. There are no market comparibles in any Vodkas to V 6.
Reviewer: W. H. Kasprow

After trying several domestic and foreign vodkas, V6 should make American very proud! Its smoothness and taste is unsurpassed.
Reviewer: J. Kasperski

Smooth and delicious!
Reviewer: Niki R

Clean and delicious.
Reviewer: Rachel Koch

Smooth, great over ice or as an icy cold shot!
Reviewer: G

Reviewer: Ashley

Downright weird! I've had a few rye vodkas that had a sweet twang of something I could'nt put my finger on. This one tastes like a cross between Canadian Whiskey and chocolate truffle liqour. Gross! There is no way you could put an olive in here or even a lemon twist. Mixing, forget about it! I honestly threw the last bit down the sink. Moving on, oh yea, lets get real! Don't waste your time or money.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Distilled 6 times. Great flavor. Strictly single malt rye. Made in New Port Richey, FL using traditional copper pot stills. Winner with my friends in a blind tasting.
Reviewer: Pet Baker

excellent product. perfect martini vodka. beware the owner henry.
Reviewer: vodkasnob

Absolutely smooth, wonderful taste, clean, natural-amazing vodka!
Reviewer: Nancy

smooth, natural, nice aroma and no after taste
Reviewer: michele

I'm cutting loose the Goose!!! This is by far, the BEST Rye Vodka I've ever tasted...neat or on ice, it's the best!
Reviewer: italian princess

I live not far from where this vodka is distilled. I was in the store to buy my favorite Grey Goose when the owner suggested this. I thought distilled on Little Rd, how good can this be? Well surprisingly really good, it has replace Grey Goose as my regular Vodka, great stuff, the best.
Reviewer: Mark G

The BEST Vodka you will ever taste. It is incredible how smooth V6 Vodka is.
Reviewer: D. Burchfield

I just thought that it was amazing. I am so happy that my boyfriend brought this vodka home. Now it is the only one that we will drink. Thank you V6
Reviewer: Tina Davis

Have not had Vodka this good since I was in Europe. It is the best I have had in years. Hands down.
Reviewer: Chip

Beats all other vodka. Wish the store on little rd was still open.
Reviewer: nancy jonchuck

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