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Country: USADistilled from: wheatCompany: Heaven Hill Distilleries
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A joke vodka among my friends. Gets 1 star for the 6 dollar price tag. Price shows--is worse than rubbing alcohol. Thanks Kentucky!
Reviewer: Troy

Unbelievably the best Vodka out there! Rodniks Arisocrat surpasses any Vodka made.
Reviewer: Ryanne P. Costello

Yes its cheap. Its not grey goose or stoli. but it is what it is. in a pinch, it makes a fine cocktail. in an even greater pinch you can drink it straight but please use a chaser. Not a smooth vodka at all, but in all honesty I would not compare it to battery acid, nail polish remover or any other silly liquids I have seen used for comparison on this site. It "is" a vodka. it "is" cheap. take it or leave it, I would rather take it. btw if you take it and dont want it, send it to me lol. i can turn it into a nice bloody mary.
Reviewer: Daniel Stewart

Pretty strong smell, solvent like taste on tongue, and bitter aftertaste.
Reviewer: AT

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