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Shustoff Luxury Vodka

Reviews to date: 14Average score: 4
Country: UkraineDistilled from: WheatCompany: Odessa Brandy Company of Ukraine
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Unbelievable Ukrainian vodka!Absolutely the smoothest sipping vodka I have ever tasted!...It has an almost syropy texture in the glass. All I can say is "smooth smooth smooth" yet still has a wonderfull light flavor! I Drink it at room temperature to enjoy the full quality of this vodka... It is however VERY difficult to find. If you see it, buy the stores stock out, you will not be dissapointed
Reviewer: MadMax2012

I have had MANY different VK's...This is ONE of the BEST...smooth as a new born ass..
Reviewer: Willie Scott, Jr.

I get mine at Specs in Houston. It ranks up with Grey Goose!
Reviewer: Daniel Hennessy

Simply The Best!! I look everywhere for it!!
Reviewer: Brendi Wells

Ukrainians wouldn't wash their cars with grey goose! Grey goose is bottom shelf in Ukraine, lets get real here!
Reviewer: Stepan Makitra

Like drinking spring water!!
Reviewer: Jim McArthur

Simply one of the top 3 Vodkas you can buy in the States. Hard to find as they have recently had some problems with their government. Ranks right up there with Imperia... This vodka is an eschelon above Grey Goose, Kettle One and the like.
Reviewer: Richard Barbetta

This is definately one of the smoothest vodkas I have ever tasted. It is simply one of the best vodkas at any price so imagine my concern when I saw it rated so low (3.29 - which actually puts it 1 pt. below Skyy!). I will admit my 5 star rating may be a little overboard, as nothing is perfect. I am simply stating that it is the best I have ever had. Now back to the score...hopefully "vodkaphiles" will correct this. I say "correct this" because if you read the 7 reviews posted you will see that 3 of the 7 gave it a 1 out of 5 stars ... BUT if you read their opinions you clearly see that they simply failed to change the default star rating from 1 to whatever they thought the vodka deserved. The text of their reviews were actually VERY favorable. Example: "I have had MANY different VK's...This is ONE of the BEST...smooth as a new born ass.." and then gave it a 1 star.
Reviewer: Joey Kirkland

Shustoff is without a doubt, the most exquisite vodka on the planet. Smooth as silk, potent as a Blk. Mamba's venom, and as hard to find as a needle in a hay stack! Thank goodness I bought several bottles! Saving those for special occasions only! If you're able to find it buy it. I LOVE it. Good luck.
Reviewer: Larry Beard/ The Woodlands, TX

Very smooth even when doing a "SHOTSKI", My uncle is a Shustoff, I tasted the vodka for the first time at his 90th birthday party this past week,
Reviewer: Teresa

If Shevkoff is Shustoff then my husband and I are HUGE fans. I found it at Specs in early 2017 and have been consuming way too much of it ever since. It's SMOOTH as silk (not a sharp edge to be found anywhere in this exquisite vodka). Though obviously the perfect martini vodka, with grapefruit juice, when I should be spendIng my a little Iess, I will have no other. It's time for a vodka tasting so we can introduce it to our friends ... or maybe we should keep the secret to ourselves! Cheers!
Reviewer: Patti

Shevkoff must have changed their formula because it does not taste as good as it used too. Also, its not as surpy as it usted to be.
Reviewer: Will

I really prefer Shustoff, and, although I'm American, I've lived in Russia for the past 8 years. So, while I have access to every imaginable brand, I usually by Shustoff Premium Red. No off taste initially nor after, and very smooth!
Reviewer: Mishka

The best ever
Reviewer: Amber

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