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Russian Prince

Reviews to date: 10Average score: 2
Country: CanadaDistilled from: grainCompany: FBM DISTILLERY CO. LTD
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Russian Prince, it comes in a grey, opague bottle, you cannot see the product. it's clear and clearly awful. prefered by snowmobilers because the 26oz is plastic and won't break on the trail. this is one of the harshest vodka's on the planet. the initial burn and afterburn distorts any sort of taste that might've existed at one time. truly, there's a reason it's the cheapest vodka in our market... i'm pretty sure you could run a T34 off this stuff.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Ran into this gem when I had no other choice but to buy it. It was extremely cheap (which some people value), and the plastic bottle is definitely foreboding. First impression was that of extreme harshness (tough to drink straight). Mixing with "potent" mixes did little to cover up the harshness. Ultimately, to not let it go to waste, a method was devised: drink as much as you could at once, and then hold your breath. Seemed to work for some, though there were still some dry heaves inflicted. That being said, it's clearly the cheapest way to inflict a temporary -30 IQ hit, and it does it effectively.
Reviewer: Stuart

Another cheap vodka, but I've has worse. Russian Prince is good enough to pass around the backyard when barbequing hotdogs and drinking beer.
Reviewer: Maritimer

To be completely honest, I was blown away by how awful this was. I'll get it out of the way before anything: this vodka smells and tastes like rubbing alcohol. It has to be the most foul Vodka I've ever tasted and I couldn't even keep a single shot down. Awful. I would give it less than 1 if I could.
Reviewer: Alexander

Doubtful it's 40% alcohol content. Cheap is cheap!
Reviewer: Marj

Smells like rubbing alchohol and probably tastes like it too. Unlike other reviews I dont think its as harsh as people claim, but the best thing about it us that it is dirt cheap.
Reviewer: Kar

I think it's great vodka Enjoy a shot after each meal
Reviewer: Iddee

Well, Sorry to say, I drink it straight. Today, it tasted like chicken. I get a good buzz from one sip. Woo Hoo.
Reviewer: Sherry

Tried it for the first time and it seems fine to me, not a vodka snob I guess like the rest of you are!
Reviewer: Bill Adams

Unfortunately this Vodka has a really messed taste. Sweet/Sour at the same time. Depends on what you mix it with. Gave me like a rotten banana taste.
Reviewer: Tara

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