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Nue Vodka

Reviews to date: 2Average score: 5
Country: USADistilled from: CornCompany: Southwest Spirits and Wine
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This Vodka rocks...pardon the pun! Bought this today on a whim. Very glad I did. Kept in the freezer till Happy Hour. It is made of corn, distilled six times and made in Dallas, Texas. The taste is semi sweet, grainy, biscuit, grainy and buttery. It is very viscous with a note of confectioners sugar. One hell of a gluten free vodka for the vodka connisuer. So smooth and creamy. Very, very...did I say creamy goodness! A top 4 for sure!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

I love this vodka. It has passed taste tests against all of the other corn based vodkas that we have put it up to. COMPLAINT: They have recently switched to a different bottle and cap style and they are both a FAIL. The cork type top is very hard to get out, there isn't a plastic thing on top of the bottle that controls the pour and, not the biggest deal, but the handle is not as user friendly. So, I have been pouring the vodka into an old style NUE bottle for easier use...may switch back to another USA corn based Vodka.
Reviewer: Dee

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