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Crown Russe

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Why haven't you guys listed Crown Russe? It's an okay cheap vodka thats used as a well-vodka at several bars here. Not bad, i think its better than Popov, though i'll have to do a blind taste test to make sure.
Reviewer: Andy

A fine appearance, the bottle draws the eye as the light bounces off its hard and plastic bottle. The red cap like a cherry atop a beautiful sundae. When opened the nose is greeted by lovely notes of Vodka, light hints of Vodka and other tones of Vodka are also detected, slight grain, perhaps a touch of citrus. Best served cold, poured into a small glass, best to keep it to a domed glass in order to preserve the texture and keytones, so avoid overly sloshing. A light flick of the wrist will release the flavor tones hidden deep within the "Finest Vodka Made." The nose is greeted once again by the overwhelming scent of Vodka, while ever so slightly sprinkled in are a touch of bad decisions. When drinking, the sublime Vodka touches the tongue and is a very strong taste, a slight and cool burn emerges, not underwhelming to some. Superb and a delightful drink, pairs well with Natural Light beer, a crowded group of mildly aged people, and loud music to drown out the ever-so-slight sound of soul's slowly dying within all who indulge in this savory treat. 8.4/10 (B)
Reviewer: James Reginald McArthur IV

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