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Crystal Palace

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Wonderful Vodka for the price. Handle for 12 bucks is a great deal for this Vodka that is as good as any I have ever drank. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Matt Stark

This is the worst of the worst. Smirnoff and company are equal. Avoid at all cost. Take out a loan and buy some good stuff! I was'nt going to even talk about this one but had to amend the previous chap in ERR. A 5 for vomit factor.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

3 stars, like every other vodka I've ever tasted. They all taste the same, especially when mixing.
Reviewer: Brian

The worst ever. This is the first vodka to ever make me puke and I woke up with my eye hurting. I won't ever drink this again even if its the last alcohol on earth.
Reviewer: Luis Alvarez

Take into account this vodka hits your taste buds hard yet goes down smoothe. Every other liquor goes down as hard as it hits. Recession proof!
Reviewer: King of france

Reviewer: TOM

Tastes rough. Even rougher, waking up the next day feeling like I had been in a gang fight! After only two grapefruit/ vodkas ( I usually drink multiple long islands)! Don't go to the Crystal Palace!
Reviewer: Brandy

tase good as any vodka ,no headache afterwerds,good vodka for the price ,recomends
Reviewer: bandula.n

It's vodka for crying out loud. Who cares about the taste if you are just going to have a couple of belts.
Reviewer: Big Daddy

We use this stuff to polish the steel in the bar. It is also a great solvent!
Reviewer: moe

Not too bad mixed with coca cola soft drink.As a matter of fact the cola set it off.
Reviewer: Cheryl Lynn

I would rather get kicked in the face repeatedly by an angry bull than drink this. I literally paid $12 to puke on myself. Crystal palace and die. See you bitches in heaven!
Reviewer: Brittney

Please love yourself and never drink this paint thinner. I was in physical pain when I woke up. I had never thrown up from alcohol before this so please avoid.
Reviewer: Ian

It's wonderful tasting, however it don't have a smell; is this too good to be true? I went on line expecting to find out it was a hybrid like Ultram (gabapentin), so far nothing. Signed curious.
Reviewer: Charles

It's 12 dollars for 1.75 liters people. It's not gonna be grey goose. Maybe I am just a drunk but it tastes just like the rest of the vodka I've ingested. A lot of bars use it for mixer drinks like screwdrivers even high end fine dining places. Sure they have absolute on the shelf but chances are your vodka tonic was constructed out of a bottle of crystal and you never even knew it. Trust me I work in a bar.
Reviewer: Darth Aardvark

This shit is delicious! I molest teen girls!
Reviewer: emerytheninja@yahoo.com

Crystal Palace Vodka goes down nice in conjunction with two other liquid solutions. Mainly 24 oz. charcoal filtered water, 8 oz. of Crystal Palace Vodka, one regular squirt "Mio" - One third ice should fill 32 oz container - Fill up the rest up with 8 oz. Crystal Palace Vodka and one squirt "Mio" - Cover And shake! Good to go!
Reviewer: Dalen Chelchu

very rich in flavor. you wake up with fresh breath the night after drinking this tasty treat.
Reviewer: Jake Lawley

I have enjoyed Crystal Palace for many years and now I'm about to take my second 1.75 back to my distributer here in upstate NY due to a bad taste! I seams like a flavored vodka or possibly gin? Has anyone else run into this?
Reviewer: oldjohn

Tastes like model airplane glue. 2 stars.
Reviewer: Rod Dodriguez

If you love vomiting, feeling as though your eyeballs are going to explode from your head for 24 hours straight, gagging at the thought of something you haven't consumed in almost 5 years, and feeling as though you could possibly die, then I highly recommend you try crystal palace vodka.
Reviewer: Kayla

Not too bad. I make $20,000 a year and like to get drunk a few nights a week. So I'm not taking out a car title loan to buy grey goose. It's wayyyyy better than popov and crazy cheap. It's fine with me.
Reviewer: Dan

Bought my first bottle (5.29) and a 2 liter squirt filled a glass with ice, poured slowly over added pop...wow..refreshing!!!!
Reviewer: Rudy

This is the absolute worst vodka I have ever had. Tasted like poison. It's a step below moonshine. I had a headache for a week. Made the Big mistake or drinking the bar brand. NEVER AGAIN
Reviewer: WG French

You do get what you pay for. It has tasted much more astringent to me in the last year or so. It tastes like they're bottling the heads, selling the heart of the batch to another label, and throwing away the tail (look the terms up if needed). I can't be sure, obviously, but it's definitely a mixer-only vodka.
Reviewer: ZriePrakis

Everyone complains when I bring this stuff around. I don't think it's that bad. I drink it straight. I'm an alcoholic. :)
Reviewer: Pints of crystaal

Crystal palace is the greatest drink known to man kind, Hands down. It has an impeccable taste and is extremely refreshing. You will be drunk off your ass. I recommend you go buy a half gal right now.
Reviewer: Pukey

If LSD, cocaine, and vodka had a baby, crystal palace would be it. Crystal palace did my friends and I so dirty that we may never be able to taste again. Makes for a wild night tho LOL
Reviewer: Dj

Crystal Palace is the kind of booze that if you find yourself drinking it...you have found rock bottom. It tastes and smells like you are trying to swipe fuel from your neighbors car. Don't do it.
Reviewer: Michael

When I think of Crystal Palace, the word that comes to the forefront of my mind is "majestic." This delectable nectar single-handedly aided my fight against COVID-19; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Crystal Palace isn't only an intoxicant, it's an expedition of the five senses, allowing the drinker a total-body experience of refinement. Crystal Palace truly is a celebration of the finer things in life, with every shot allowing you to unlock the hidden ebullience within your psyche. Lastly, my peers and I will attest to the fact that this beverage is a staple within our memories, a tool utilized during uncertain times in order to absolutely maximize the enjoyment and exuberance of the occasions presented to us.
Reviewer: Jon T

Exactly what Jon T said
Reviewer: Jake D.

My wife likes Absolute, I am drinking this right not and Crystal Palace is smoother. Good taste, no burn. I'm curious if it is actually 80 proof. Also curious about the methanol content. I'll find out tomorrow. I like it so far tho.
Reviewer: Milton

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