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Five o'clock Vodka

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Great for wounds but poison to drink. Classy plastic bottle.
Reviewer: Corbin

This is quite possibly the worst liquor that I've ever had, honestly. However, a half gallon of the viscous stuff will only set you back around $12.25 or so (depending on where you live) and the hangover isn't as bad as I've gotten from other cheap liquors. This stuff got me through college.
Reviewer: blackrogue

Can't say I'm a connosieur of booze or vodka or alcohol in general, but I do know that good ol' Five'O'Clock will do the trick for you. Recommended: drink it while on top of the roof of one of your college classrooms!! Then go to work!
Reviewer: The Wasp

Do you like drinking rubbing alcohol? If so then this one is for you. Mask with lots of juice.
Reviewer: Corbin Dickerson

This is my favorite vodka cause it's easy to mix, easy to shot, and it's super cheap. It rocks.
Reviewer: paulynne

best vodka ever
Reviewer: adamdiz

My first nasty hangover was with Five O'clock vodka. Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff
Reviewer: Kafer

ewww. Stay away, FAR away.
Reviewer: Tim

This is easily the most disgusting vodka available anywhere. It'd be cheaper (and tastier) to buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and chug the whole thing.
Reviewer: Vince

It's $10.99 for a whole 1.75 liters over at a local liquor shop, or a whole five or six less than Popov. At that low price, it's still not a bargain; it's so tongue-gnashingly harsh and belly-churningly caustic that I find it hard to believe it receives any form of treatment other than dilution and bottling. Just no reason for anyone over twenty-one who's not homeless or an end-stage alcoholic to consider drinking this product.
Reviewer: Dave

If you happen to be a masochist and/or an individual who likes to punish yourself.. This is the vodka for you. Get an E on an exam? Five o clock. Dog didn't obey your commands? Five o clock. Forgot to more mow the lawn and your spouse is pissed? Five o clock will administer the punishment nessecary to make you regret and forget everything you ever did. This stuff is anxiety in a bottle, and it will make you pay. Tastes like... Five o clock. Id rather lick a detroit sidewalk than go through the trauma of five o clock again.
Reviewer: Derrek

I love this stuff. I just chase shots correctly so I can't taste it. Once I get a few down, I can comfortably chase after drinking straight from the bottle. Makes for a quick night, but that is the point.
Reviewer: Syphilic

By far the best vodka on the market. A little pricey, but it is worth every last penny. An absolute necessity for a fancy cocktail.
Reviewer: Gab

Truthfully the worst spirit I have ever tasted. I even tried mixing it with orange juice, or cranberry juice, or lemonade....it's no use. The taste of this vile vodka cannot be diluted enough to the point where it isn't noticeable. This was a gift. I'm going to keep it with my other liquor as a test. If I ever drink it again, it can only mean I've become an alcoholic.
Reviewer: S. G. Jordan

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