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Thor's Hammer Vodka

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Its smooth taste mixed with the not too strong, but not too wimpy aftertaste, was its major hook. Another plus was the cool bottle that it came in.
Reviewer: Josh

Very harsh, with strong alcohol aftertaste. Cool bottle? Catchy name? Sorry, but pass on this one. There's much better vodkas on the market.
Reviewer: Greg

Smooth, crisp, and almost sweet. A very satisfying and delectable vodka. I have converted many people to the hammer :)
Reviewer: Jay

whoever the dude was who thought it was too strong is a wimp and a half. Yes,this stuff RULES.LONG LIVE THOR!!
Reviewer: T

Great vodka. Sweet aftertaste. Though 76 proof.
Reviewer: Ed

I'm normally not much of a Vodka drinker but this stuff is GREAT. Smooth, an aftertaste that want kill you and a great flavor. Hammer it down dudes!
Reviewer: Ragnar￶k

This is a great, smooth tasting vodka. I have done many shots of many differnt vodkas. Usually I don't look forward to doing them. This vodka on the otherhand is different. It went down smooth with no harsh aftertaste. I'll admit I bought it because the bottle looked cool, but even if they stick it into a plain mason jar from this point forward, I'm a permanent Thor's Hammer fan.
Reviewer: Jason

The flavor of Thor's hammer is intense with just enough after taste to let you know that you are drinking. Better than those "tall bottle" brands at half the price.
Reviewer: Paul Buchholz

Not terribly impressed with it. The only vodka I've had I actually PREFER warm. Sweet and slightly rough on the palatte with a long, warm finish and a bit of bite. I didn't like it with tonic particularly, though it was passable.
Reviewer: Evan

very nice overall a bit of bite but not unpleasent or objectionable, a close 2nd to Blue Ice for me.
Reviewer: Mark Palmquist

There are superior product out there, however for the vodka enthusiast, it is a product that should not be passed up.
Reviewer: Moses

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