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Reviews to date: 5Average score: 4.20
Country: RussiaDistilled from: GrainCompany: AnSon Imports
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Just tried Ruskova after reading many favorable reviews. It was all that and then some! Very nice walnut bread nose with a touch of lemon. The body was perfect, round with a grainy taste the resembled again walnut, lemon candy and a dollop of vanilla custard on the end. It finished on cue with a splash of white pepper. Just an all around tatse treat that will send me off to the store to buy many more bottles! Great Russian vodka, very inexpensive too!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Distilled 6 times very smooth- and much cheaper then Stoly a real buy for a great Russian Vodka.
Reviewer: peter mizla

It's 16$ for a handle at a local grocer, and $10 for a 750 at our local liquor store. Certainly, while it's not the best, one must remember that it can be had for perhaps a dollar more than Popov, at least where I live, making it a stellar value. Causes hangovers if consumed in excess, but tastes reasonably complex and can be enjoyed straight with no chaser if you're not put off by its very bitter, sharp taste (balanced, because all flavors strong). Again, not smooth, but it doesn't taste industrial or smell scary like others in its price bracket tend to. For $16, accolades.
Reviewer: Dave

Excellent Russian vodka. It is clean and refreshing with no nasty aftertaste. Also, it is very inexpensive. Like, Less than $10/750mL. Puts Svedka to shame and it's nearly the equal of Stolichnaya. Buy some.
Reviewer: Brian

Solid clean spirit at an affordable price. Not quite a Kettle one (which I can not afford) and in my opinion on lar w Absolute
Reviewer: Nay

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