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Silver Lake Vodka

Reviews to date: 7Average score: 4
Country: CanadaDistilled from: riceCompany: Silver Lake Vodka
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Wow ! Premium rice vodka from Canada . Who knew . This crafted vodka is a little hard to find , but when you do , this vodka delivers . A very clean liquor that delivers a pleasingly warm (not burning) finish with subtle floral notes . Available at some lcbo stores . Approximately 30 Canadian dollars in Toronto .
Reviewer: Sean Smith

Not a big martini drinker but tried one or two made with Silver Lake Vodka and could'nt believe how smooth it was.
Reviewer: Danny Forbes

My wife bought this Vodka the other day to try something different, its Canadian made in Ontario and WOW!!fantastic. No after taste (drink it on ice) cool looking bottle and priced affordable. Try it and let me know what you think. It can be purchased at the LCBO
Reviewer: Victor Rosettani

Thank you for these great reviews. Please email me to get this vodka into a lcbo store near you. crsilverlake@gmail.com
Reviewer: Carlos Ribeiro

I'm a vodka drinker, l take it straight up.l have been around the world trying every vodka I can find and have over 80 different vodkas in my personal collection. I decided to try silver lake seeing a new product in the lcbo and promising reviews here. Obviously, don't take it personally but you people know nothing about quality vodka or this website is set up by or you're working for silver lake, this vodka is bad!!! Silent Sam bad, bottom 5%!! Absolute finlandia at $5 a bottle cheaper taste like heaven compared to this. Honesty is the best policy and I'm a honest guy, don't bother!!
Reviewer: David

Pleasantly surprised! No more "Stoli" for me! It's "Silver Lake" all the way! ... and from Simcoe Ontario CANADA! Cheers with a smile!
Reviewer: Joseph Horvath

Not sure what the reviewer Dave was drinking (maybe he got a bad batch), but every bottle of Silver Lake I've had has been incredible. Velvet and full texture, an almost sake-like scent, maybe because it's rice based, and the smoothest finish you will ever find. A truely unique vodka.
Reviewer: Mark

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