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Extra Zytnia Vodka

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Another polish vodka smells almost like water goes down well in shots has some bitter after taste thats why it got knocked down to 4.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

Extra Zytnia Vodka is close to perfect. The packaging is not likely to win your favor. The spirit, however, should intrigue most vodka enthusiasts. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Moses

This is my favorite when it comes to drinking vodka neat, really the only way to drink it! Very smooth but still with distinguished vodka character, not bland like most "high-end" vodkas you find everywhere.
Reviewer: Filip

Yet another Polish jewel: a classic rye vodka full of character. Very tasty and smooth, crystal-clear, obviously the result of a careful distillation.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

Delightful fresh rye bread nose, toasted wheat and dazzling citrus body, medium, smooth finish. For a budget vodka, this is truly exceptional. In my top 5.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Zytnia vodka is a perfect combination of dry, with a lovely round sweet attack. Very light and digestible, and not very dear! Drunk neat.
Reviewer: Richard Prevett

Had to add my review to up the rating a bit as I notice that many reviewers on this site mistakenly give one star to a vodka that they actually like. Extra Zytnia is a great rye based vodka at a terrific price. It has a subtle edge and slightly buttery flavour. Love it!
Reviewer: Mark

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