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Imperia (Russian Standard)

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Russian Standard Imperia- tastes expensive - very smooth,with a light sweet scent. But it also has a heavy oil aftertaste which i didn't like. not bad, just disappointing. i realized something was wrong when i was eager to switch over to the harsher but cleaner taste of Stolichnaya.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

clean crisp tast very smooth bottle design is cool
Reviewer: allen habera

Great vodka. Absolutely odorless upon opening room temperature bottle. Tasteless as it goes in your mouth, sweet finish. Excellent job by Russian Standard.
Reviewer: Derek

This vodka is nothing extremely unique in my eyes (more like my mouth), that being said, it is a very good vodka. It is clean and simple, and to those who like things pure, this is the vodka for you. It does have smooth texture like the Elit, but not as rich and creamy as the Elit. It also has a noticable grain flavor to it. I would have this vodka at any party or get together. It is simple and clean, and a truly great all-purpose vodka.
Reviewer: Dan Merritt

Superior finish, very smooth; taste is clean and slightly creamy. The French crystal bottle it comes in isn't bad either. Overall, a clearly superior vodka. I'm suprised more vodkaphiles haven't rated this vodka. Afterall, this is Russkii Standart's premium product. Sells all over Moscow.
Reviewer: Bryant

Was given a bottle of this last week as a gift and took it to a party, hmmmm, wonderful flavour and everyone commented how lovely it is. Very smooth, im upset that we finished the whole bottle!
Reviewer: Vodka Lover

Very smooth, nice sipping vodka even at room temperature without significant aftertaste Pain free next morning :)
Reviewer: Igor

Subtly complex nose with herbal notes. Good attack on the palate: creamy, metallic, herbal, cinnamon....nice roundness. Very pleasant.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

my favorite is the platinum edition, nice smooth and warming, very nice, no hangovers ever.
Reviewer: peter cona

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